How to Tackle Common Challenges for College Freshmen

Starting your freshman year of college is exciting. You’ll meet new people, experience new freedoms, and hopefully learn a few things. There are, though, a few common challenges for college freshmen that you should be prepared for.

New Freedoms

You’re on your own, probably for the first time ever, which means you’ll need to learn new skills. Perhaps that’s how to cook your own food, or maybe it’s how to get along with a new and difficult roommate. But new freedoms mean a huge increase in responsibility. It can be exciting when you start out, but don’t lose track of your studies, your health, or any other priorities.

Common Challenges

For a quick look at some of the most common challenges freshmen face, take a look at the infographic below. Some things, like staying healthy, may seem obvious and easy to accomplish, but when you find yourself in a massive dining hall for the first time, or being tempted by late-night pizza binges, it can actually be very difficult! Other things, like budgeting, are necessary to keep you on track so you can afford those textbooks while still having some funds leftover for your social life. By keeping in mind the challenges ahead, you’ll be able to prepare for what’s to come and have a fun, productive, and healthy year.

Infographic detailing solutions to freshman year challenges.

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