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A degree in English has some obvious applications. Many students aspire to use their degree to pursue a writing career of some sort, becoming authors, journalists, copy editors and the like. Others choose this degree because they wish to become teachers or professors. Yet there are other, less obvious reasons to get a degree in English, whether a bachelors or masters. The skills you learn are remarkably versatile and applicable in many different ways. During the course of your studies, you learn how to communicate clearly, read and analyze information, cultivate your creativity, and think critically. Clear articulation of thought and analytical thinking are essential for those pursuing graduate degrees in law, communications marketing, political science, and many other disciplines.

Lawyers must read and interpret laws and apply those laws to real-life situations. They must also be able to clearly communicate their interpretation of the law, sometimes in a court environment and sometimes in a written statement. Those who enter law school with a degree in English under their belt already have the communication skills they will need to excel in their career.

Writing and reading skills are essential in a communications career as well. A communications division in an organization can be the public face of the organization, and often is responsible for official statements, press releases. This part of an organization often designs and approves publications, forms. In addition to this, the communications division often is in charge of an organization’s online presence, maintaining a website and representing the company using social media.

An English degree is a great companion to a marketing degree. Marketing is all about clear and persuasive communication. A great marketing campaign will concisely communicate the marketing message in an emotionally charged way that persuades potential customers to buy a particular product or service. A keen understanding of the English language and the ability to write creatively and persuasively is perhaps the most important set of skills to have for a marketing career.

Political science is similar to marketing in many ways. Politics is about the effective and persuasive communication of ideas. It also employs the analysis of facts and ideas and the ability to think critically. Politicians need to be effective communicators, as orators and as writers. A BA degree in English is a great asset to someone who wishes to pursue a career in politics.

Outlined above are just a few examples of how an English degree provides a well-rounded education that can lead to many fulfilling careers. It is an enriching degree that helps to develop important life skills, skills that you will use regardless of where your career takes you. No matter what you do, the ability to think critically and communicate clearly will be a great asset.