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Do you currently work in the visual arts? Are you an artist looking to enhance your knowledge or teach at the collegiate level? Maybe you’re just looking for that extra credential to round out your resume. Finding a school that offers the M.F.A. in visual arts just might be your answer.

Earning an M.F.A. in Visual Arts

In order to earn an M.F.A. in visual arts, you typically need an undergraduate degree in an art-related field, but not necessarily the same field in which you choose to focus your master’s degree. Before searching for an M.F.A. school, choosing your major is the most important decision for you to make, whether it be film, photography, painting, printmaking or even interior design.

Enrolling in an M.F.A. program and earning your master’s in visual arts might be a smart move for your career and can help to bring your artistic talent to the next level. However, deciding on an M.F.A. school can be an overwhelming endeavor. To make it easier, start your search with some of our featured schools.