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Geology is the study of the Earth, how it is formed, and its basic composition. It is also a very diverse and lucrative career for those who have an interest. Our modern life, its comforts, and its future are dependent upon the natural resources that the Earth provides. Geologists work in many different industries, helping us tap the natural resources we need, understand the nature of these resources and give us an understanding of the environmental impact of our actions in the world. They also may work to help mitigate natural disaster, predict earthquakes, volcanoes and other tectonic events, and help architects design earthquake resistant buildings. Those who possess a degree in Geology are likely to be in high demand.

While online degrees are available, it may not be possible to take your entire degree online. Part of a typical education in Geology is field work, and so even if the majority of your study-intensive classes can be taken online, be prepared to attend field study classes. Most employers require at least a Bachelor’s Degree in for a position as a Geologist. Online Masters and Doctorate degrees are also possible, and will drastically increase your marketability and your earning potential.

You can get a Bachelors in Arts or a Bachelors in Science degree in Geology. A Bachelors of Arts is good for someone who wishes to focus on managing and locating natural resources, or teaching. A Bachelor’s in Science degree works for people who want to study the history of the Earth working as a Geologist, or who want to pursue a Masters or PHD in Geology. You can focus your degree as well, specializing in a particular field. Petroleum Geology, for example, is currently in high demand, locating oil and natural gas and examining environmental impacts of drilling or fracking. Environmental Geology delves into addressing environmental concerns, rebuilding ecosystems and Hydrology Geology deals with locating water, designing reservoirs, and monitoring groundwater contamination. This is just a few examples of many different specializations.

It is recommended that you research online degree programs to find one that works best for you. Likely you’ll want to find a school with a physical location nearby so that you can easily attend classes and programs that require field experience. In addition, if you want to specialize in a particular discipline within the field of Geology, you’ll want to make sure that the online school will provide the courses you need for that particular specialization.

Geology is a career that will always be full of opportunity. There will never be a time where we will not rely upon the Earth and what it provides us. We will always need specialists to help us find, preserve, properly utilize, study, and protect our natural resources.

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