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Have you always been interested in making the world a better place? When you think about your future, you know that you want to devote yourself to helping others live a better life. Perhaps you should consider one of the helping hands degrees – degrees that help people live better lives.  The careers include nursing, teaching, counseling and the ministry. Why are these degrees referred to as ‘helping hands degrees?’ They are degree programs that train you to develop your talents and skills to improve the lives of others.  Helping hands degrees include nursing degrees, teaching degrees, counseling degrees, and ministry degrees, among others.

Nursing is a well-respected career, with job opportunities in hospitals, doctor’s offices, free clinics, volunteer organizations, and schools, to name just a few.   A nurse has the ability to work anywhere in the country or the world, where healthcare professionals are needed.  Some nurses serve in the armed forces or choose to teach at medical colleges. Emergency situations often require lifesaving help from those with nursing degrees.  Nurses truly have helping hands degrees.

A teaching degree is similar in its portability, which means that you can choose where you live and work, because everyone needs teachers!  Have you dreamed since childhood of standing in front of a classroom, sharing the gift of learning with children? Perhaps your talents will help you encourage teenagers to consider college.  If you can inspire youth to enjoy school and make them want to continue learning after graduation, you may have a true calling for teaching. If you are exceptionally good at explaining complicated things or can inspire students to live up to their potential, you should consider a career as a teacher.

The professionals who work in the counseling field offer guidance and advice to those who are seeking to live a better life.  If you are a good listener, empathetic to the problems of others, and can provide support to those who need it, you may be a perfect candidate for a career as a counselor.  As a counselor, you might work in a school, hospital or have a private practice, providing advice to clients, listening to their problems, or offering family and marriage counseling services. Everyone needs someone to talk to and, with the proper training and experience, you could be that counselor.

A career in the ministry, no matter which denomination or creed, can be extremely fulfilling.  You can offer a helping hand to those whom you lead and serve as a minister. This is a serious commitment, just like all the other helping hands degrees, and similarly will require patience, determination, and dedication to pursue your dreams and achieve your noble goals.