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Business administration is an area of study that focused on developing students’ leadership and management skills in a variety of career roles. Obtaining your associate’s, bachelor’s, and/or Master of Business Administration (MBA) online is a great way to gain the skills you need to be successful in today’s rapidly changing economy. Stay competitive in your career by achieving your degree completely online while you work full-time and gain valuable on-job work experience.

There are many different business administration concentrations you can focus your educational studies in. Before starting a program, it is important that you decide which specialty you are most passionate about so that you can begin down a rewarding career path. Some common concentrations include healthcare administration, small business, nonprofit, or international management, human resources, organizational leadership, and technology development. You can also focus on a broad business education in accounting, marketing, and finance if you aren’t sure what type of industry you want to be in.

Typically, bachelor degree programs are four years long, and master’s degree programs are another two years after that if you go to school full-time. Though your classes will differ depending on your area of specialty, you will typically gain an understanding in statistics, economics, national and international marketplaces, ethics and leadership, business information systems, intelligence and analytics, entrepreneurship, security and project management, sales, and even more narrow topics, such as sports and recreation management, tourism, and hospitality. You will learn what it takes for small and large businesses to be successful, how to apply new business trends and thought leadership to any job role, and how to work as a team in order to bring a valuable asset to any organization.

For top business leaders to perform in any industry it is imperative that they get their education from an accredited educational institution. Because of the vast amount of industries you can enter into, salaries and predicted job growth can vary. However, management positions are needed in every type of business, such as the armed forces, consulting, technology and media companies, academia, and the government. Business administration is truly one of the most versatile degree programs out there, allowing you to apply your knowledge to almost any job. Also, management positions typically make the most out of any entry-level position, and you can make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 and more, depending on how successful and far along in your career you are.

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