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When you major in economics you will learn about the
consumption, distribution, and production of wealth, including why and how a
group of people choose to use their resources. Many accredited
offer an online associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even
certificates in economics, allowing you to complete your coursework anywhere in
the world. An online degree in economics will give you the skills you need to
succeed in a great number of different career fields.

From a financial standpoint, economics is a great degree to
pursue. Local and international businesses, nonprofits, government agencies,
and educational institutions all hire graduates in economics. Companies
typically hire candidates who are able to utilize their analytical and critical
thinking, knowledge of cost theory and market value, as well as budgeting,
policy analysis, statistics, and other financial skills. Learning how to invest
time and money effectively will qualify you as a top hiring asset for
businesses looking to reduce costs and be sustainable. While learning about
micro and macroeconomics, you will gain a strong understanding of both the
local and global economies. After graduating with a bachelor’s, you can go on
to take more advanced courses during graduate study in an online setting as

Because successful economics majors have a wide variety of
skills, there are many different job titles that you can apply for when looking
for work besides just being an economist, including financial analyst, high
school economics teacher, accountant, stockbroker, statistician, and insurance
agent. The average starting salary for those who graduate with a bachelor’s in
economics is over $55,000. So no matter which career path you choose, you can
rest assured knowing that after you graduate there will be a vast amount of
employment opportunities out there for you.

If you excel at both concrete and abstract thinking, the
sciences and the arts, then economics is a great degree to pursue. With all of
the accredited colleges that offer any level of education in economics that you
need all online, in your own home, and while you work full time. If you think
economics is boring now, consider taking some online electives to help you
discover just how interesting it can be.

Find out about online economics programs to take your next
step in your economics career:

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