Choosing the best school for your future education can be difficult. There are often a lot of great choices which you will have to eventually narrow down to a few that you can visit. Once you get to a campus, it’s important that you make the most of your visit. If you have any private colleges on your list of possibilities for school, private college week is one of the best times to go. During private college week, schools ramp up their recruiting activities and provide you with a unique chance to really see what life would be like attending that particular college.

What are some of the reasons to explore a private college instead of a public one?

Private colleges tend to be smaller. Often, they have smaller classes and therefore professors are able to spend more time with each student. Tuition and other costs are often higher, but private colleges may have access to grants and scholarships that could make attending a private college fit your budget.

When is private college week?

Most schools schedule private college week during the summer. This allows you to visit the school without taking time off from high school. Some states coordinate private college week among several private schools in the state, giving you an opportunity to visit more than one school in the same week. Typically, students should plan their college visits on the summer between junior and senior year in high school. This way, you’ll have time to make decisions and submit college applications during your senior year.

Why should I schedule my visit during private college week?

Schools typically pull out all the stops for private college week. Students, faculty, teachers, academic advisors, and admissions personnel will be on hand to speak with you during your tour. In some cases, you are able to sit in on classes, eat in the lunchroom, and possibly even spend the night at a dorm. All of these things will give you an idea of what it is really like to attend college at this particular school and give you unique insights into the culture of the campus. In addition, in order to attract applicants, some schools offer financial incentive to visit during college week, such as waiving application fees or providing small scholarships.

What do I need to do to sign up for private college week?

It’s usually pretty simple. Likely you can schedule your tour during college week by calling the college or registering online on the college website. You’ll want to sign up early. In many cases, spots fill up quickly. Typically, the school website is the best resource for determining when private college week will be, however some states have a planned college week where a lot of different private colleges will have their weeks at the same time. If you can, take advantage of this and visit more than one school.

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