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It’s hard to find an aspect of life that computers don’t touch. We work with them at our jobs. They helped us learn in school. They are in our phones, our appliances, our automobiles. Over the past several decades, computers have integrated themselves into society. It’s not surprising then, to discover that people with computer science degrees are in high demand. Virtually every business has an IT department, either contracted or in-house. If you are considering a degree in computer science, here are some things to think about.

A variety of specializations

One thing to consider is where you want to specialize. There are a lot of different IT jobs, and so there are several different computer science programs, each with a different focus. For example:

Network Administrators focus on building and maintaining networks and work on security issues regarding networks

Programmers and Developers create and maintain the computer programs that are used by a business or industry

Database Administrators test and administer databases, and make sure the data collected and maintained is secure

Web Developers develop websites, update and create content and make sure information on websites is secure and backed up.

Software Quality Assurance testers work to make sure that software purchased or developed is working well. You’ll create new ways to test the software, identify error and bugs, and help to develop ways to improve the software and fix the problems.

Lots of Math

If you are looking into computer science as an option, you will be taking a lot of math courses. Math is used in programming, but that’s not the only reason math classes are required. Computers are, in essence, mathematical machines – and thus there is a certain logic to how they operate and how they need to be programed. In addition to learning calculations in math, you learn problem solving and how to break down a complex process into small logical steps. That’s what programming is – it gives small logical steps so that it can execute a complex process. Practicing math helps train your brain to think in those logical steps so that you can program, troubleshoot, design, and assemble systems and programs.

Plan on staying in school

Think back to the smartphone you had 3 years ago. Isn’t your new one so much faster and better, with better apps and a smoother operating system? Things move quickly in computer science. There are always new developments and innovations. If you start school now, most likely there will be new applications and technology created by the time you graduate that haven’t even been thought of yet.

Because of this, a computer science major’s education is never done. You’ll always be learning something new – either as you work or through formal education programs. Likely, you’ll continue to take classes from time to time, and participate in a lot of educational seminars, webcasts and online courses. You may be required to obtain a certain amount of education each year to maintain certain certifications that you may need in your professional career. The main message is that a computer science degree is great for someone who never wants to stop learning and is always excited about the next big development.

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