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In the modern technology era, businesses recognize the need for a valuable marketing strategy. Almost every business hires a team of marketing professionals that help get the word out about new products and services, handle customer and public relations, and ensure the successful accomplishment of business goals. There are many distance learning colleges across the nation that offer online certificates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees that you can obtain while you work and gain experience in your chosen industry.

During an online program in marketing you will learn how to create and execute marketing plans, analyze marketing platforms for optimum efficiency, budgeting, and use qualitative and quantitative data to strategically place your project at the top of competitors. The skillset you gain will be valuable to many other jobs besides marketing and advertising as well. Many companies mix in marketing efforts to other job descriptions, so you know that the skills you gain will apply to almost any career.

Schools also offer master’s in certain marketing specialties as well, including digital marketing, analytics, social media, advertising and design, and internet specific marketing. Online master’s programs tend to take two years to complete if going full time, however, be prepared to study hard as advanced degrees tend to be more in depth and difficult.

Online Master’s Degrees in Marketing

Experienced marketing professionals are in high demand. People who graduate with a bachelor’s in marketing online can expect to position themselves in a job market with plenty of options. In order to position yourself at the top of hiring candidates, be sure to get a marketing internship before you graduate. Typically, graduates find work with advertising agencies, in a marketing department of a business or organization, as a social media manager, outreach specialist, brand manager, or project manager. Because a successful marketing campaign is essential for any company, graduates often open their own business and become an entrepreneur as well.

Successful marketing managers can make anywhere from $60,000 to $150,000 annually depending on the business and specialization. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the need for budget-friendly, effective marketing campaigns for their products and services. Those who graduate online with a marketing degree can plan on starting down a career path that has a high salary cap and work in an industry that is truly booming.

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