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The number of potential sustainability internships and volunteer opportunities is vast. This is a very volunteer-centric field, attracting a host of community-minded individuals. As a volunteer or intern, you will gain hands-on experience and learn lessons that you would not typically get  in the classroom. With an environmental internship you can learn from experienced professionals while contributing to the environmental well-being of the community in which you serve. This experience will give you a well-rounded, solid education, which can be invaluable in your environmental job search.

Check Locally

One of the main lessons of sustainability is localism. That is, utilizing as many local entities as possible, such as eating locally, working locally, etc., so you have as little negative effect on the world as possible. Using this train of thought, first check for local internships and volunteer opportunities in your area. Contact your city officials, county health department, and any green-oriented businesses. They may be able to find you a local sustainability internship or volunteer opportunity quickly and easily.

Sustainability Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of environmental internships available throughout the country. Some internships are paid positions, and some are considered volunteer programs. Either way, they should both count toward credit hours at your school. The first step is to contact your respective college or university and learn about the internships they have available and then utilize these resources to find other opportunities.

When you undertake a sustainability internship or volunteer opportunity, you’ll get hands-on, real-world training from professionals in the industry. The experience you gain can translate to a more well-rounded education and aid in your overall career pursuits.