Brown Mackie College-Kansas City (Four Year College)

Brown Mackie College-Kansas City (Four Year College)


Career-Focused Manageable Education at Brown Mackie College

Brown Mackie College system of schools (Brown Mackie College) specializes in providing practical skills to those seeking jobs that are in high demand. Brown Mackie College offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in 3 career-focused areas of study which include healthcare and wellness, business and technology, and legal studies.

Brown Mackie College has introduced a unique approach to making education more manageable: a class schedule in which students take one course each month. Students don't have to worry about juggling the demands of multiple courses and can concentrate on one subject at a time and still graduate in the same amount of time--4 years--as in standard bachelor's degree programs. The one course per month schedule also helps student balance their studies with their other life responsibilities.

Accreditation and Licensing

Brown Mackie College-Kansas City

Brown Mackie College-Kansas City is one of over 25 school locations of the Brown Mackie College system of schools. Located in Lenexa, Brown Mackie College-Kansas gives students the opportunity to pursue an education in a city with a lot to offer. Minutes from downtown Kansas City, Lenexa has a hometown feel and unshakable community spirit and values. It gives students both beautiful residential parks, as well as everything the city has to offer. Programs, credential levels, technology, and scheduling options are subject to change. 9705 Lenexa Dr., Lenexa, KS 66215 ©2014 Brown Mackie College. The email address is

The B.S. in Health Care Management Degree Program

Brown Mackie College-Kansas City offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Care Management degree program. This program prepares graduates to take positions as managers in healthcare settings. Students learn how to assess the effectiveness of administrative systems and procedures and how to work as part of a medical team. Courses include "Managing Healthcare Information;" "Healthcare Delivery Systems;" and "Issues in Public Health."

The B.S. in Business Administration Degree Program

Brown Mackie College-Kansas City offers a B.S. in Business Administration degree program. Students take courses in business practices, accounting, computer skills, marketing, and leadership. Coursework includes "Introduction to Business;" "Business Law;" and "Payroll Management." Graduates are prepared to enter a wide range of fields including customer service, accounting, retail, human resources, and marketing.

Community Involvement

The common thread that runs through Brown Mackie College schools at all of its locations nationwide is a commitment to community involvement. Brown Mackie College students and alumni establish and participate in volunteer activities ranging from bone marrow donations to swim-with-the-dolphins programs for special needs children.

Student Support and Future Employment

Tutoring is provided at no extra cost for students who need additional support through their studies. From enrollment to graduation, Brown Mackie College also provides each student with an academic adviser to ensure that graduates have acquire the skills and knowledge they need for their future careers. Upon graduation, career services not only provide instruction on resume writing, job search, interviewing, and networking, but they also help graduates deal with practical issues, including transportation, wardrobe development, and childcare.

Brown Mackie College builds relationships with potential employers in each community in which a school is located. These can partnerships help produce employment opportunities for graduates and a skilled workforce for businesses in the area.

Location & Contact

9705 Lenexa Drive
Lenexa, KS 66215

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Majors & Degrees

Degrees Offered
  • Business/marketing
    • Business Administration and Management
      Bachelor's Degree offered for this major.
  • Health professions and related sciences
    • Health/Health-Care Administration
      Bachelor's Degree offered for this major.