Kaplan College, Bakersfield Campus

Kaplan College, Bakersfield Campus


Campus Overview

Whether its professional edge, achieving a personal goal, advancing your career, or gaining personal pride, everyone has a reason for going back to school. Whatever your reason may be, Kaplan College can guide you towards the path of success. Through a combination of comprehensive programs and guidance services, not only will your skills be developed, but you will be able to accomplish your own professional and personal goals.

Kaplan College offers day and night programs that focus on meeting the demands of today's employers while fitting into your busy schedule. By combining hands-on experience with classroom lessons, our educational approach equips you for future encounters in the career of your choice.

We understand how difficult it can be to manage the time it takes to pursue your education. Here at Kaplan College we assist our busy students daily. Preparing our graduates with knowledge and experience, helps them on their journey towards a rewarding career. Our staff walks you through the process while our faculty helps develop the necessary skills you will need. It's all a part of a system that places you first. You will be able to seize your opportunity towards career advancement with an associate's degree of diploma from Kaplan College in Bakersfield, California. Don't make your future wait another day - take that next step with Kaplan College.


Originally California Academy of Merchandising, Art and Design, Kaplan College Bakersfield was founded in 1982 in Sacramento, California. The Academy was renamed as California College of Technology when in 1999, had to relocate in order to meet the demands of new programs. The college then shortened the name to California College in January, 2003. The college opened a campus in Bakersfield in March 2004, and was renamed once more to Maric College. Soon after, Maric College became Kaplan College in August if 2008.

What Kaplan College Offers

Students can unlock their potential and train for careers they want at Kaplan College. They deserve it. The only way to get from where they are now to where they want to be is to take action and start their journeys. Kaplan College can help point students in the right direction -- toward new careers that they can be proud of.

Kaplan College Commitment

Kaplan College stands by its services and the education it provides. Students can confidently attend a Conditional Admittance Period with no financial commitment to be sure that Kaplan College is the right choice for them. If students notify the school that they will not be staying beyond the Conditional Admittance Period, then they will not be charged tuition.

Kaplan College Instructors

Kaplan College instructors bring real world experiences to the classroom. They provide students with the most current industry standards and practices.

Hands-on Training

At Kaplan College, students can combine classroom learning with hands-on training. Students actually do what they come to learn; they don't just read about it. They develop skills that are more likely to stick when they actually practice those skills.

Materials and Equipment

Students learn with materials and equipment that they would use on the job. They gain the ability to display knowledge and skills that employers are looking for.


Students can find externship or practicum sites with the school's assistance. They can apply the knowledge they gain at Kaplan College to real-world career settings. They increase their confidence in job interviews.

Externships and practicums are not required for all programs.

Admission Requirements

Kaplan College wants to help students start their career journeys. The admissions process for each student starts with a Career Planning Session where the student's career goals are discussed; information about the school and its programs is shared; a campus tour is provided; and the student has the opportunity to meet with a Career Services Adviser and Financial Aid Officer.

Admissions requirements include, but are not limited to, proof of high school graduation and entrance assessment. For information on specific program requirements, students should contact the Admissions Department.

Financial Aid and Military Benefits

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. A financial aid officer will be able to assist students in determining their eligibility for federal loans, private aid, state and federal grants, scholarships, and other forms of aid.

In support of the military community, Kaplan College also offers a 30% discount in tuition for active duty personnel, military spouses, veterans, and dependent of veterans or active duty personnel.

Students should please contact the Financial Aid Department for more information about financial aid and the military and veteran benefits programs the campus supports.

Career Services

Kaplan College is committed to students' future successes. It works with employers in the community to make sure that its programs support students' needs by providing graduates that are appropriately skilled. Students can receive personalized assistance from a Career Services Adviser in school, upon graduation and beyond.

Kaplan College offers "The Kaplan Certified Professional" program devoted to sharpening the skills that could make the difference in a student's job search. Kaplan College offers 7 certification activities that allow students to become more well-rounded candidates upon graduation. Certifications include, but are not limited to, dress for success, social media presence, and preparing for the interview.


Choosing an accredited school is important to your education. Accreditation signifies that the school has met certain standards of quality in education, so you can feel confident in the value of the education you receive.

Kaplan College in Bakersfield, CA is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS): 750 First Street NE, Suite 980, Washington DC 20002-4242. For questions about our accreditation, call 202.336.6780. The ACICS website is located at www.acics.org.

Consumer Information

For more information on our programs and their outcomes visit www.kaplancollege.com/consumer-info. Kaplan College does not guarantee employment or career advancement. Programs vary by campus. Additional academy training may be required for law enforcement positions.


Bakersfield, California's third largest inland city, is located in the San Joaquin Valley. As the U.S's fourth largest producer of oil, agriculture and refining is Bakersfield's main economic growth.

From the California Living Museum, to the Bakersfield Museum of Art, to Buck Owens' Crystal palace, Bakersfield has something for everyone. Schedule a tour with the campus of your choosing and see why Kaplan College is a quintessential place to jumpstart your future career.


Dental Assistant Diploma

Medical Assistant Diploma

Medical Office Specialist Diploma

Criminal Justice Associate Degree

CPR Renewal Certification (Short Course)

Dental Assistant Infection Control (Certificate of Completion)

Microsoft Office Specialist (Short Courses)

Pit and Fissure Sealants Certificate (Certificate of Completion)

Spanish for Health Care Workers (Certificate of Completion)

Location & Contact

1914 Wible Road
Bakersfield, CA 93304
United States