ROTC Colleges and Military Financial Aid

If you've gone through ROTC or served in the military, there are some special avenues of financial aid available to you that you'll want to be certain to take advantage of if you pursue higher education. Make sure that you read through these articles about military financial aid, so that you can have every opportunity that you have earned with your service.

Military Veterans Scholarships and Education Benefits Programs

The military offers you the opportunity to learn valuable job skills and to make money, and as a service veteran, you may be able to get some help with that college education after all.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 09, 2014

Tuition Assistance and Scholarships for Military Veterans

Beyond GI Bill assistance, there are additional education benefits and scholarships available for veterans of active military service. You may or may not be able to combine these with your other VA benefits, but they’re worth a gander if there’s a chance that they can help reduce the overall cost of your education.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 09, 2014

Getting ROTC Scholarships for College

Scores of incoming students are unaware that the military is a source of financial aid to the tune of about $1 billion each year. The military provides aid as payment for training or as reward for service, and is, by far, the largest source of money for college that is not based on need.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 08, 2014

National Call to Service Scholarships and Education Benefits

Whether you’ve been discharged from the military or you’ve never been in the service, recent recruitment efforts offer new educational incentives and scholarships if you’re willing to enlist or re-enlist now.

By Peterson's Staff updated on October 14, 2013

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Scholarships and Other Education Benefits for Dependents of Military Veterans

If you have experienced the heartache of losing your spouse or parent during the course of their military service, or if they have suffered permanent disability, you may be eligible to receive education assistance from the government.

By Peterson's Staff updated on October 14, 2013
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