Program in Chemistry College of Science Florida Institute of Technology

Program in Chemistry College of Science Florida Institute of Technology

Melbourne, FL
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Graduate Programs in Chemistry at a Top Technology Institute

Florida Institute of Technology is one of the nation's leading institutes of technology. Its fast-growing collaborative research programs, funded through government and industry, are developing solutions for emerging issues in science and technology. This research expertise serves as the foundation for chemistry master's and Ph.D. programs that prepare students to discover and create innovative ways to meet today's challenges. The university is located within a growing scientific, technological, and medical community, meaning students are never far from internship and career opportunities.

The Master of Science in Chemistry

Florida Institute of Technology offers a Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemistry degree program that gives students the freedom of both thesis and non-thesis curriculum options. Florida Tech's location on the Space Coast and in the High Tech Corridor surrounds students with respected names in science and technology, including NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the Florida Solar Energy Center, and Patrick Air Force Base. These organizations provide internship opportunities that build upon material learned in the classroom so students can hone their professional skills even before graduating. Students delve into complex research with the guidance of expert faculty members including studies on physical, organic, and polymer chemistry. Many students successfully publish research in professional journals and magazines.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

Florida Tech also offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chemistry. As a national research university, Florida Tech is well-equipped to provide the tools and resources necessary for Ph.D. students to conduct research that impacts their areas of specialization. Florida Tech Ph.D. students have discovered links between indigo plants and cancer treatment, invented new ways to purify drinking water in third-world countries, and uncovered new ways that Alzheimer's manifests in patients. These impactful studies are just a few examples of the important research students conduct while earning their Ph.D. in Chemistry degrees at Florida Tech.

Well-Funded Research in Chemistry at Florida Institute of Technology

Research in the Department of Chemistry at Florida Institute of Technology is funded by both government and industry. The National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Florida Solar Energy Center, and other agencies support faculty member research. In addition, private foundations, such as the Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society, and private industries including Eli Lilly, Monsanto, Shell Development, DowElenco, Wesley Industries, and other international and local companies all provide research funding to the department.

Research Facilities

The Chemistry Department is located in F.W. Olin Physical Science Building. Its laboratories house several instrumentation rooms and 3 nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers. The department provides faculty members and students with access to other cutting-edge equipment, including mass spectrometers, 100 scanning probe microscopy, feedback control electronics, lock-in-amplifier, 6 spectrophotometers, and Waters Alliance HPLC with photodiode arrays and conductivity detectors.

Florida Tech is home to 34 research institutes and centers in addition to its main laboratories.

The National Center for Hydrogen Research was established with funding from NASA to perform research and development concerning the application of hydrogen as a fuel for airborne platforms. Students now conduct research on fuel cell technology that could power the next generation of rockets and other aircraft.

The Center for Ferrate Excellence studies iron (ferrate) compounds commonly used for removing heavy metals, algae, and pesticides from water. These treatments help to purify drinking water and restore natural aquatic habitats. The center has led to breakthroughs in new liquid ferrate compounds that have increased stability and shelf-life. Students conduct research using this new technology to discover novel and innovative uses for ferrate.

An Accomplished Faculty

The faculty members of the Chemistry Department at Florida Tech are active, well-published researchers.

Professor Michael Babich is searching for new storage materials for a passive cooling application in cooperation with the Florida Solar Energy Center and the Department of Energy. His research is leading to more efficient solar cell technologies that can lead to greater advancements in "green energy." Professor Andy Knight is also working on new ways to gather power from the sun through innovative compounds that help turn light into energy.

Professor Virender Sharma directs the Center of Ferrate Excellence; its mission is to promote the use of the green chemical ferrate in the removal of inorganic and organic pollutants. His studies directly impact the Great Lakes, Florida's watershed, and other sources of drinking water for people around the world.

A Top Technology Institute

Established in 1958 to support the work of technicians, engineers, and scientists working for NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida Institute of Technology is one of the nation's top institutes of technology. "U.S. News and World Report" ranks Florida Tech as a Tier 1 Best National University and "Forbes" recognizes it as one of America's Best Colleges.

Several Florida Tech faculty members have received NSF Career Awards and 90 are principal investigators for the university's advanced research projects. Government, private organizations, and industry currently finance $94 million in sponsored research projects.

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Program in Chemistry

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