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Unique Low-Residency Programs at Goddard College

Goddard College created the first low-residency higher learning program in 1963. Today, it offers 5 low-residency master's degree programs.

Once a semester, students visit the campus for 8 days, each student pairing with a faculty member and developing an individualized study plan. Workshops, lectures, small group discussions, and performances fill the rest of the student's busy dawn-to-dusk schedules. After the residency, each student corresponds with his or her faculty mentor every 3 weeks or so, exchanging packets of assignments and individualized feedback.

Goddard College offers Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees in individualized studies, education and licensure, health arts and sciences, and psychology and counseling, as well as Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in creative writing and interdisciplinary arts.

The M.A. in Individualized Studies at Goddard

Students seeking an M.A. in Individualized Studies pursue a question, project, or career interest that is interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary, and personally absorbing. The program requires students to complete 48 hours of credit over 4 semesters. The program is available at the Plainfield, Vermont, and Port Townsend, Washington, campuses.

The M.A. in Education at Goddard College

The M.A. in Education program offers professional concentrations and licensure curriculum. Students can choose an individualized non-licensure focus in community education or dual-language studies, or complete a traditional M.A. in Education or School Counseling degree program ending in professional licensure.

All tracks are offered at the Plainfield location, while the non-licensure individual focus track is also available at the college's Seattle, Washington campus.

The M.A. in Health Arts and Sciences at Goddard

The M.A. in Health Arts degree program at Goddard teaches students how to foster health and healing practices. Students can focus on body and movement therapies, botanical medicine and ethnobotany, community and environmental health, men's health, nutritional health, expressive arts, integrative health systems, integrative nursing, mind-body studies, ecopsychology, women's health and midwifery, and cross-cultural healing.

The M.A. in Health Arts degree program is offered at the Plainfield campus.

The M.A. in Psychology and Counseling at Goddard

Goddard awards M.A. degrees in both psychology and clinical mental health counseling according to Council of Applied Master's Programs in Psychology specifications. Coursework is completed over 4 or 5 semesters of low-residency learning at the Plainfield campus.

Goddard also offers a sexual orientation concentration to both psychology and counseling students, as well as to non-licensure track students and as a continuing education option for professionals.

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Creative Writing

Goddard M.F.A. program students each graduate with a completed novel, a collection of stories or poems, a screenplay, a collection of plays, a memoir, or a graphic novel script. Every student's study plan is individually tailored to meet their ambitions and interests. Paired with a faculty member, the student receives a series of packets containing criticism, highlights of particularly excellent work, and reading assignments.

A unique feature of the M.F.A. program is the requirement for a teaching practicum, which can occur at grade schools, community centers, colleges, or any level in between, whether the student aspires to teach after finishing the degree or not.

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard

One of the only graduate programs in the world committed to art as a transformational practice, the M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts is designed to support artists with diverse life experiences and goals ranging from the social, political, to the aesthetic, spiritual or autobiographical. Our learning community supports the development of a robust lifelong art practice. We envision artmaking as a form of critical thinking, that integrates research and interdisciplinary problem-solving and engages ethically in public contexts.

Students can enroll in the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts in two locations: Plainfield, Vermont, Goddard¿s historic main campus, or Port Townsend, Washington, a vibrant arts community on the Pacific Coast.

Unique Working Relationship with Faculty at Goddard

Faculty members at Goddard give students personalized advice every three weeks during the semester, helping students organize their work, understand their subject matter, and find their way in the world. One such faculty member is Professor Kyle Bass. A member of the Drama Guild of America, Professor Bass has been a finalist for both the Princess Grace Award and the Pushcart Prize. His works have appeared onstage in New York City, Syracuse, and foreign venues. In addition to his teaching duties, Professor Bass serves as drama editor of the acclaimed journal "Stone Canoe" where he has edited works by such noted authors as Kenneth Lin, Rogelio Martinez, and Chiori Miyagawa.

Professor Deborah Brevoort is two-time winner of the Frederick Loewe Award for American Musical Theater. Her play, "Signs of Life," won the Jane Chambers Award and was a Pinter Review Prize for Drama Gold Medalist. Her interests as a writer have always had an international focus, and her works have often featured theatrical conventions and forms from around the world to explore contemporary American subjects, such as her use of Japanese Noh drama to highlight the utter American-ness of Elvis in her "Blue Moon over Hawaii."

Professor Sharon Cronin is co-author of "Soy Biling_e: Language, Culture, and Young Latino Children." Dr. Cronin has over 25 years of experience in bilingual education and is a lead researcher in the Teaching Umoja Participatory Action Research 15-Year Commitment, which examines the ethnic identity, bicultural, cross-cultural, and tri-literacy development of children of color in Port Royal and Moore Town, Jamaica.

Beautiful Campuses

The Plainfield, Vermont campus, located just outside Montpelier, is a sprawling former farm with a manor garden, woods, and Victorian period architecture. The buildings were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. The Port Townsend, Washington campus is located at Fort Worden, a former Victorian-era Army base with beaches, trails, and a seaside town within walking distance.

The M.A. in Education degree program is available at the school's new Columbia City campus, in one of Seattle's most ethnically and racially diverse neighborhoods.

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