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You’ve come this far. Don’t let a case of senioritis derail your path to graduation. To help you stay on track, we’ve created the infographic below. Follow these five easy steps to keep you motivated all year long.

Step 1 – Make a plan

You’ve heard this before, but just to reiterate – it’s time to get serious about your future. Decide if college, vocational school, or the military best suits your career goals.

Not sure where to start in your college search? Preparing for College: Priorities During Fall of Senior Year lists eight tips in chronological order to guide you on your college selection journey.

Step 2 – Don’t forget about your GPA

You’ve been admitted to your school of choice so now your work is done, right? WRONG!

Your final transcript from senior year will be sent to your college. If they notice a significant drop in your GPA they could revoke your admission.

Step 3 – Set attainable goals

Struggling to get through the semester knowing graduation is right around the corner? Don’t give up! Set small goals for studying to help shake the lure of procrastination.

  • Get organized – Stay focused by organizing your assignments and work space. Check out this blog post for 8 Tips for Organizing Your Planner.
  • Create checklists – Hold yourself accountable for completing your tasks.
  • Develop a routine – Establish a consistent schedule to help you manage your time more efficiently.
  • Design a study plan – Maintain your grades by committing to a consistent study schedule.

Step 4 – Earn college credit

What could be better than saving time and money? Credit-by-exam programs AP, CLEP, and DSST offer students the option to earn college credit on topics they’ve already learned. And did you know CLEP and DSST exams don’t require time spent in a classroom? Sounds like a win to us!

Busy schedule holding you back? Take your test prep with you on-the-go with Peterson’s DSST and CLEP mobile app.

Step 5 – Take time for yourself

Waiting for college decisions can be stressful. Devote some time to focusing on yourself by partaking in activities that will keep you level-headed.

  • Try something new – There’s still time to join a new club or try out for a sport. Challenge yourself to branch out!
  • Find a part-time job – Start earning cash for your expenses post-graduation. Your future self will thank you.
  • Lean on your friends – Your friends are likely experiencing the same stresses as you. Make plans to blow off steam together.
  • Take breaks wisely – Take time to rest and recharge. Just make sure your grades doesn’t suffer.
  • Relax – Make some time for self-care. You’ve earned it!

You made it!

Senior year will be over before you know it. Fight the urge to succumb to senioritis by staying focused and planning ahead for life after graduation.

Lastly, don’t forget to soak in the experience. Enjoy your last year in high school… you’ve earned it!