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Are you good at math and science? Are you interested in getting into the medical field but don’t necessarily want to become a doctor? Then getting your degree in pharmacy might be the right degree program for you. Pharmacists are in high-demand, and now you can get your entire degree online while you work and at your own pace. Though people who pursue a degree in pharmacy typically become pharmacists, after graduation you will still have a skillset that you make you be marketable to many different jobs as well.

There are different career paths for those who want to major in pharmacy with each degree being available to you online. You can get a pharmacy technician associates degree that will allow you to become a pharmacy technician in a research institution, hospital, or pharmacy. In this online degree program you will learn about medical terminology, pharmacology, pharmacy calculations, and pathology, as well as how to manage medical records and label pharmaceutical products.

You can obtain a bachelors degree in pharmaceutical sciences as well that allows you to begin work in pharmaceutical research and sales, drug product testing and marketing, and also prepare you for graduate work to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree. In this degree program you will gain a deeper understanding of organic chemistry, anatomy and physiology, pathology and microbiology, and pharmacology.

After graduating with your BA or master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, students typically will begin coursework in order to obtain a Pharm.D. Graduate students will gain a deep understanding about pharmaceutical care, immunology, disease management, drug literature analysis, and the ethical issues surrounding pharmaceuticals. Depending on your area of specialty and your chosen college, you will also learn about drug research, toxicology, pharmaceutical economics, pharmacodynamics, and medicinal chemistry. These programs are highly-demanding and typically take four years after completing at least two years in undergraduate work.

Pharm.D graduates have many options when it comes to finding employment. You can become a pharmacist in many different industries including, independent communities, hospitals, consulting, academia, research, and government agencies. Specialties also include drug information specialist, drug researcher and professor, as well as hospice, infectious disease, poison control, psychiatric, and veterinary pharmacist. Skills for your resume will include pharmaceutical operations, prescription dispensing, inventory control and customer relations, patient consulting, product safety, and IT.

The most important thing when undergoing coursework in pharmacy is to ensure that the college is properly accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE). Colleges that have this accreditation will prepare you to take your state’s exam, which is typically the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam (NAFLEX) and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE). No matter which accredited program you choose, a pharmacy degree will allow you to open up your employment opportunities and become successful far into retirement.

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