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You already know that Peterson’s provides top-notch educational resources to help you find, get in, and pay for college, but our reach extends far beyond that. Peterson’s recently acquired B.E.S. Publishing, and with it over 800 book titles for children and adults to enjoy.

Originally founded as Barron’s Educational Services, the acquisition of B.E.S. Publishing extends Peterson’s reach to readers and learners of all ages.

New Titles

So what kinds of books can readers expect to find?

“It’s a mix of hobbies, arts and crafts, and lifestyle books. Readers can expect to find everything and anything,” said Victoria Davis, Senior Publishing Brand Manager at Peterson’s.

The addition of B.E.S. titles allows Peterson’s Publishing to reach a broader audience. From learning a new hobby, to pet care manuals, to graphic novels, our list of titles is sure to have something for the whole family.

“The newly-acquired titles fit nicely into Peterson’s brand by continuing the learning process. Whether you’re teaching a toddler to potty train or an adult learning how to make pottery, it’s still learning, just in a different way.”

Starting a new hobby? There’s a book for that.

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind with an adult coloring book or seeking fresh ideas to keep the kids entertained, there’s a book for that.

“We have a really great list of activity books for both kids and adults. It’s a great time for parents to stock up on activity and learning books to help their kids with arts and crafts.”

Homeschooling resources

With titles like How the U.S. Government Works and Space Race: The Story of Space Exploration to the Moon and Beyond, homeschooling parents will find a new collection of educational resources to keep children of all ages engaged.

Curious about the new titles added to our catalogue? Check out these great picks for children and adults!

Books for children

My First Alphabet Dot-to-Dot: Over 50 Fantastic Puzzles (My First Activity Books) 

By Elizabeth Golding; Illustrated by Jake McDonald

“Youngsters will enjoy connecting the dots even as they practice answering fun questions, coloring pictures, alphabet sequencing in upper and lower case, and more.”

Drawing as Easy as ABC: Step-by-Step Pictures to Create and Color

By John Bigwood

“Children tend to learn how to draw letters first, which gives them great confidence. However, drawing animals can be more challenging. This book uses the already mastered skill of letter drawing as the building blocks for creating a range of animals in six simple steps. Using capital letters and some lowercase letters to start, this book shows children how to draw quirky animals, including sassy llamas, cute chameleons, cuddly koalas, fabulous flamingos, gorgeous gorillas, and more.” 

100 Screen-Free Ways to Beat Boredom 

by Kris Hirschmann 

“This book will help free you and your kids from the tyranny of the screen with 100 ways to beat the ‘I’m Bored’ monster. You don’t need lots of special materials, expensive toys, or planning to have a great time sans screens when you learn how to:

  • Have an Indoor Picnic
  • Start an Herb Garden
  • Go on a Car Scavenger Hunt
  • Build an Obstacle Course
  • Make Napkin Roses
  • Create an Artful Sandwich, and lots more.”

Books for adults

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, 8th Edition 

Edited by Steven Jay Schneider; updates by Ian Haydn Smith

“With over 1.75 million copies sold worldwide, this book is a must-have for all movie lovers, from casual movie-goers to film connoisseurs. This brand-new edition of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die covers more than a century of movie history. Selected and authored by a team of international film critics, every profile is packed with details, plot summaries and production notes, and little-known facts relating to the film’s history. Each entry offers a fresh look at some of the greatest films of all time.”

The Comic Book Artist’s Workbook: Perspective A Guided Logbook for Beginners

By Dan Cooney

“Aspiring comic book artists and storytellers will thoroughly enjoy this book! Seasoned author Daniel Cooney shows readers how to draw credible perspectives from any point of view for convincing backgrounds and their relationships with the characters that inhabit them. This instructional book works like a journal filled with exercises for creating scenes in the context of storytelling. Practical demonstrations and interactive workbook grids to completely show readers how to enjoy the process as they develop their drawing mechanics and storytelling chops.”

Interior Design Course Principles, Practices, and Techniques for the Aspiring Designer, 2nd Edition

By Tomris Tangaz

“This updated edition offers an emphasis on: research and mapping processes; new case studies that showcase the use of different materials; the importance of drawing and sketching by hand in addition to using the latest digital programs; and more. Step-by-step tutorials guide readers through the entire design process, starting with planning the space, and instructions on choosing color schemes and furnishings, as well as working with a variety of materials.”

Source: B.E.S. Publishing 

B.E.S. Publishing by Peterson’s titles are available for purchase on Amazon.com. For questions or requests, visit PetersonsBooks.com.