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Adult learner Amberlin Dupré is a great example of how to use credit by exam to help shorten your time to a degree and save a ton of money in the process. As a busy 26-year-old full-time employee and part-time student, Amberlin wants to earn her bachelor’s degree in Psychology as quickly as possible.

“When I found out about credit by exam, I was like it’s been a really long time since I’ve learned anything about biology, or math, or some of the general education subjects,” Amberlin said. “And so, when I found Peterson’s, it really got me up to speed and really helped me knock those exams out and get those credits out of the way.” 

What is credit by exam (CBE)? CBE essentially gives students an opportunity to earn college credit by demonstrating that they know the course material through prior learning. It is a cost-effective way to earn college credit. Among these exams, AP, CLEP, and DSST are the most popular.

By using Peterson’s test prep, Amberlin was given unlimited access to all of the practice tests, flashcards, instructional videos, and other study materials needed to help her prepare for and successfully pass an impressive 15 CLEP and DSST exams, equaling roughly 45 credit hours.

Dupré said Peterson’s test prep has saved her $16,000 on college tuition as she was able to apply the college credit she earned through passing multiple CLEP and DSST exams. 

“It’s very user friendly and I found that a lot of their practice exams are more difficult than the actual exam. So when I got a good score on one of those practice exams, I knew that I was prepared. I definitely plan to finish out my test prep using Peterson’s, as they’ve been super helpful and I found that their content has been very, very accurate to the actual test. So I just trust Peterson’s in knowing that they’re going to provide the information that I need to pass the exam.”

Watch Amberlin tell her inspiring story:

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CLEP and DSST exams help you earn college credit while saving you time and money. To learn more, visit Peterson’s CLEP and DSST test prep pages. Subscribe to Peterson’s test prep and start preparing for your exams today!