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What is the SIFT?

The Selection Instrument for Flight Training exam, or the SIFT, assesses a candidates mathematical skills, reading comprehension, mental knowledge, spacial awareness, pattern recognition, and aviation knowledge. The SIFT test is administered to candidates for higher-level positions in the U.S. Air Force.

What’s on the SIFT?

The SIFT test contains seven sections: simple drawings, hidden figures, army aviation information test, spacial apperception test, reading comprehension test, math skills test, and mechanical comprehension test.

How is the SIFT scored?

A candidate’s SIFT score may range from 20 to 80. A score of 40 is the minimum passing score to be considered for further aviation training.

Who takes the SIFT?

Students who want to move up in aviation training for the U.S. Air Force take the SIFT.

Should I prep for the SIFT? How much?

Candidates may only take the SIFT twice in their lifetime. If a test-taker takes the SIFT the first time and passes, this is their permanent score and the test cannot be retaken, even if the test-taker is unsatisfied with the score. If an aviation candidate fails the test twice, they cannot retake it or move forward with their aviation training. Therefore, it is highly important to do your best when taking the SIFT, which means adequately preparing for exam day.

While everyone is different, Peterson’s recommends at least 6 weeks of preparation for test day.

How do I register for the SIFT?

If you are already in the military, contact your local servicing education center. If you are a WOFT applicant, contact a recruiter. The recruiter will assist you in scheduling your test date and time.

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