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Do you know a student struggling to memorize facts about the periodic table or retain vocabulary words and their definitions? They’re not alone.

Students studying for exams may feel overwhelmed with the thought of memorization. Consider a chemistry student, for example. A student may be tested on each element’s atomic number, atomic weight, period and symbol. With over 100 elements to study, the task can feel exhausting. But what if we found a way to help students retain the information needed to ace their exams without the added stress of making flashcards or practicing repetitive exercises? Sound too good to be true? 

We’d like to introduce you to the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System, powered by Peterson’s. 

“The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System is named after its creator, Dean Vaughn – the world’s leading author of applied memory techniques for education and business. The purpose of any Dean Vaughn course, regardless of subject matter, is to teach students a fast and effective way to learn AND remember information to achieve total retention,” said Rob Maddestra, Business Development Director for the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System at Peterson’s

We spoke with Maddestra to gain an understanding of how the system works and learn more about how Dean Vaughn’s products can help sharpen your student’s memory for test day.

An introduction to the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System

The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System offers products to help students recall information in a variety of subjects, including SAT Vocabulary, Medical Terminology, and Spanish

For example, students studying chemistry may be asked to remember facts about the chemical and physical properties of elements on the periodic table. But how are students supposed to retain information about all of those facts? Dean Vaughn courses can help. 

A product like How to Learn and Remember the Periodic Table maximizes a student’s retention of the material without the use of traditional study methods, like flashcards or repetition. 

“The system works in conjunction with the natural learning process of the brain by converting ‘new’ information – medical terminology or anatomy for example – into familiar images and verbal cues, or ‘old’ knowledge, making it easy for learners to comprehend and remember critical content.” 

So what are some examples of memory tools used in a Dean Vaugh course? We asked Maddestra to clarify the methods students can expect to encounter.

“The audionym is one of the memory techniques frequently used in Dean Vaughn courses. ‘Audionyms’ are ‘sound names’, or keywords designed to help learners memorize the meaning of a ‘new’ word by associating its pronunciation with a familiar image. For example, the medical term ‘gastr-’ sounds like or could suggest ‘gas truck.’ A gas truck is something familiar and that we can visualize easily.”

What makes Dean Vaughn different from other memory products?

“Using proprietary memorization and recollection techniques, Dean Vaughn courses effectively engage learners of every style – visual, auditory, read and write, kinesthetic or a combination of styles. Learning AND remembering is easy, fast, and fun!”

Study tips to boost your memory

Maddestra provided us with a few tips that students can use to boost their memory retention while studying.

“Create a study plan that outlines your learning goals and sets aside time for studying. During scheduled study time, concentrate your mind on the task at hand and pay close attention. Move to a quiet room or create a space where you can eliminate all distractions. If you can, incorporate a memory technique into your studying practice – acronyms, writing things out, rhyming, linking, or the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System.”

Interested in learning more how the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System can help students and professionals maximize their memory retention? Visit DeanVaughn.com for more information.

Dean Vaughn Healthcare Education courses and programs are available solely for institutional purchasing or licensing by contacting Rob Maddestra at Robert.Maddestra@Petersons.com

General education courses are available for individual purchase by visiting DeanVaughn.com and clicking ‘DIRECT BUY.