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Interested in earning a distance learning engineering degree? There are many options that you can pursue. From degrees offered entirely online to degrees that include video conferencing and on-campus seminars, there is a distance learning engineering degree program to fit your needs and interests.

Searching for distance learning engineering programs

One of the first things you need to determine is whether you want to specialize in a specific subfield (such as mechanical, civil, or computer engineering, among other choices) or pursue a more general engineering degree

Distance learning programs are offered in a variety of engineering specializations, in addition to a general engineering bachelor’s degree option.

Once you’ve identified programs of interest, you’ll have to actively investigate them. Learn more about the faculty, course curriculum, schedule, requirements, and format to see if each program is a good match for you.

Some important considerations for distance learning engineering programs, in particular, include what, if any, technological or laboratory resources might be made available to you, and whether or not you’ll have direct contact with a professor to ask for advice or assistance.

Engineering: distance learning opportunities for different degrees

Engineering distance learning programs are likely to provide engineering degrees in one of two classic flavors: master’s degrees or Ph.D.s.

Without any doubt, engineering distance learning programs for Ph.D.s will involve a greater amount of work and a greater time commitment than will master’s degree programs. It’s important to keep that in mind when considering the differences in programs, because a Ph.D. program will likely cost more money than a master’s program.

Other distance learning topics

If you’re interested in other undergraduate distance learning programs, see our main distance learning page. There, you’ll find plenty of information about the opportunities that distance learning programs offer to students, along with some more information on distance learning programs in general, including their advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re interested in pursuing graduate opportunities, check out the options below: