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It is surprising how many different fields of study offer online degree programs. Online schools provide a convenient and schedule-friendly way to earn a degree in a variety of fields. Forestry is one of those fields. If you love being outdoors, enjoy being in nature and like to play in, and help preserve your environment, you can get a forestry degree anywhere you’d like, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Forestry degrees can lead to a wide variety of careers. With as little as an associate degree, you could work as a park ranger, fisher, agricultural worker, or conservationist. Gaining a bachelors or a graduate degree can lead to more lucrative and challenging forestry management careers. Government agencies and private corporations hire people with forestry degrees to help with environmental projects. In many states, forest managers must take a written exam to acquire a state license. Most of the time, these test require a bachelor degree in forestry to have been completed prior to testing.

When choosing a school from which to obtain your forestry degree, it is vital that you investigate the school in order to make sure that the programs offered are accredited. A good school will offer programs accredited by the Society of American Foresters. In forestry, accreditation is particularly important because it ensures that the program will provide an education that meets certain quality guidelines. Accreditation also ensures that a prospective employer knows that you have completed certain specific courses and field work. Schools that are not accredited might offer accelerated programs that, in the end, provide you with a degree that will not be recognized by prospective employers and cheat you out of the education you deserve.

While online forestry degrees exist, be aware that there may be some field work required. Most bachelor and graduate degrees require some field work or internships. There may be a few classes that you will need to take at a physical location. Some degree programs may have options for you to find internships or field work near you, even if the school you have chosen does not have a physical location in your area. Be sure to review the degree program and ask questions if you are unsure about what type of field work may be required. Even if your program does require some field work, you’ll find that the vast majority of your classes can be taken online. For those who are already in the workforce, or who have families, or both, this flexibility can make your goal of getting a degree in forestry very attainable.

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