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Criminology is the study of criminal behavior, the causes and patterns of crimes, and how society responds and reacts to crime. So if you are interested in learning how and why crime happens in order to reduce crime rates and violence in your community, then obtain your degree in criminology. You can obtain your entire degree, whether an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or certification online from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. Online degree programs offer flexibility so that you can work while you take classes, helping to keep student loans at a minimum.

Criminology majors learn about how to control criminal behavior both in an entire society and in the individual themselves. During your program you will learn about research methods in criminology, victimology, white collar crime, intercultural communications, legal studies, criminal justice, juvenile corrections and law, and forensic science. Criminology is deeply rooted in behavioral science as well, so you will take classes in psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, mental health, anthropology, and social work. All of these courses combined will allow you to be a valuable and well-rounded candidate for a lot of different jobs.

Criminology and criminal justice are similar; however, they differ in their area of focus. Criminology majors study crime a social problem and learn ways to prevent crime in the future, and criminal justice majors study how crime is prosecuted and punished.

Criminology graduates enter into a career field that has a positive outlook of above average job growth and a lucrative average salary. Some jobs that you can enter into after graduation include criminologist, police or corrections officer, forensic science technician, private investigator, security specialist, prison psychologist, fish and game warden, crime investigator, and jury consultant. Criminology is a great degree for those who want to start down a career field in the judicial system for local, state, and federal governments. Some careers will require certain certifications, licenses, and/or a master’s degree, so be sure to do your research your desired career path thoroughly. The more education you have the more interest companies will have when you are looking for work.

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