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No idea what you are going to do after graduating high school? Don’t know what to major in? That’s OK. Most people don’t have a clue until they are actually doing it. Don’t let this stress you out. Here is some advice for some things to do if you find yourself uncertain about the future.

Apply to college and see what happens

It doesn’t hurt to apply for college and see if you get in. It is better to apply, see what kinds of financial aid packages you get and where you get in, then to decide last minute that you want to go and end up missing the application deadline.

The first couple of semesters are typically all general education courses anyway, so you can take a year or so to decide what you want to major in. Being undecided is OK. The important part is that you are exploring options and actively looking for what you will be passionate doing.

Take a year off

Taking a year or semester off isn’t a bad idea either, especially for those who don’t know what they want to do and are financially strapped. If you do end up taking a year off, make sure that you are doing something, though. Don’t just sit around and watch TV.

Plan a road trip with your friends. Get a job and save some money. Keep educating yourself by reading books, learning new skills, and experiencing new things. Being sedentary is the last thing you want to do.

Get a job in a field of interest

A lot of people will move to working full-time after graduating high school, especially if it is in a field that provides good experience and could turn into a career later on down the road. Employers, even after graduating from college, value students who have years of on-the-job work experience under their belt because it shows them work ethic and the development of skills outside of academics.

If you do end up working and taking some time to decide if and what college you want to go to, try as hard as you can to save as much money as possible. This will help a lot further on down the road when you have to consider taking out student loans.


Travelling is a great way to find your passion and experience new things if you have the means to do so. Even taking a road trip with friends during the summer before college is a great way to prepare yourself and relax before the often stressful four years of getting an undergraduate degree.

Interview people who have different types of careers

You’ll want to be doing this on top of working or going to school. If you don’t know what you want to major in or what you want to find a career doing, it can be a good idea to interview various people who have different types of careers that interest you. You never know what you may find out.

When doing this, utilize your connections and ask your family what they do and what their close friends do for a living. Most business leaders will be more than happy to have a phone or in-person interview about what their typical day at work looks like.

Don’t be lazy

Perhaps this should be number one on this list, as it is certainly the most important, don’t be lazy. This doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy yourself, it just means you don’t want to look back on your time off and regret not doing something. Wasted time is just that, wasted, and you’ll never be able to get back the endless hours you spent on the couch. On top of this, don’t procrastinate. Set a plan, keep some goals in mind, and go for it.

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