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The gold rush was a key factor in the expansion and growth of the United States. Prospectors moved west and flocked to towns in territories which are now in States like North and South Dakota, Colorado, California, and Oregon. They moved because they saw opportunity within the rocky hillsides and at the bottom of river beds. They headed west because they saw untapped opportunity. The gold was there. It just needed collection, refinement, and transformation into something of value. Many of those who saw the opportunity first, and who were prepared with the proper tools were extremely successful in their endeavors.

In many ways, information is as much of a commodity today as gold was back during the Gold Rush of the 1800’s. Information is out there, in higher quantity than ever before in history, just like gold was back then. Like gold, it is just waiting to be collected, refined and transformed into something of value.

A journalist is one who takes that information and turns it into something relevant and meaningful. There is an art to communication. An online degree in Journalism will give you the tools you need to be the prospectors of the 21st century.

Broadcast, written and photo journalists are desired, not only by traditional news media and magazines, but by almost every type of entity out there. Businesses large and small, governmental organizations, non-profits, religious groups; all of these types of organizations require employees with degrees in journalism.

Almost every business out there has a web presence, a site needing constant updates with relevant information. Social media is a tool that many organizations use to advocate their position on issues and drive consumers to buy their products. Many organizations have intranet websites or internal magazines used to communicate important company and employee information. Communications divisions need public relations people who are ready and able to respond to questions posed by the press and create press releases. When organizations look to fill these types of organizations, they look for candidates with journalism degrees.

An online degree program is perfect for those seeking to enter the field when already in the workforce. When choosing your online program, make sure that your degree has accreditation through the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC). When hiring graduates, many employers will look to see if you have graduated from an accredited program. The need for effective communication of information will only grow over the next several decades. Will you be the well prepared prospector, ready to fill that need?

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