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Meet Pete the Panda, our Peterson’s mascot!

Pete is a lovable Panda devoted to helping everyone get the education and career that they’re after. We chose Pete the Panda as our mascot because pandas have an even-keeled temper, allowing Pete to stay level-headed under stressful situations such as an important test. Pandas are also independent creatures, as you may be when studying for an exam, but they still communicate with other adults when necessary, as you may seek out study guidance or study partners.

We chose the panda as the Peterson’s mascot because of their regalness and their calm and steady attitude. We also chose the panda because each panda has a unique personality, just like at Peterson’s, and just like all of you. You’ll see Pete pop up to help you navigate the Peterson’s website, aid in your studying, on Peterson’s social media, and in your email inbox.

Of course, pandas can be quite elusive, so it’s a fun game of spot Pete! Where can you track him down?