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An online degree in creative writing is a great way to earn a degree and hone your writing skills. A formal education helps you improve the quality of your work as well as giving you the credentials for your resume to find a job after graduation. And by doing so online you can get your whole degree from the comfort of your own home while you work full-time and keep student loan debt at a minimum.

Taking creative writing classes might seem like a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work as well. In a bachelor’s degree program you will take classes in various English writing genres, including fiction and nonfiction, journalism, script writing, poetry, as well as technical, medical, and professional writing. Depending on which college you choose to go to, you might also be given the opportunity to take electives in public relations, content marketing and advertising, content management, editing and publications, and literature. Each writing workshop class teaches students not only how to write, but also how to critique other student’s stories, develop a keen eye for quality content and grammar, and be able to suggest changes or additions that would make your peer’s articles better.

If you are told you have a knack for writing and your teachers and peers are giving good feedback, you may want to consider applying for graduate school in order to achieve a Master of Fine Arts (MFA), or PhD. Graduate degree programs are difficult programs to be accepted into, and even more difficult to get it paid for, so consider your options and decide for yourself whether or not you want to undergo such an arduous educational program and career field. MFAs and PhDs are extremely valuable to industries that require a heavy amount of writing, such as a journalist, English professor, television writer, or author.

English degrees are typically versatile in regards to finding employment after graduation, and creative writing is no different. Being able to write well and research quickly and effectively are a valuable skills to have no matter which industry you want get into. So, even if you are unable to find work as a traditional novelist, you can look for employment as an editor, digital content editor, SEO strategist, copy editor or copywriter, blogger, public relations specialist or advertiser, and many more. Many graduates find side jobs doing freelance writing as well, which can be a foot in the door to getting a full-time position.

Depending on your state’s teacher licensing requirements, you can also become a primary or secondary school teacher as well. Typically for this you will have to either complete the desired prerequisites for the licensure exam, or go through your state’s alternative teacher licensure program.

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