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Despite sensationalized news stories about liberal arts majors who are struggling in the job market, research has shown that, with a solid job search plan, liberal arts majors are finding employment at similar rates to their peers in business and computers. If your passion is for areas of the liberal arts, online programs can be a fantastic way to earn your degree while still having flexibility in your schedule. Online liberal arts programs are more popular than ever, and a greater number of traditional schools are offering liberal arts degrees online.

Liberal arts covers a broad variety of areas, from art history to psychology. However, critical thinking is essential for success in these fields academically and professionally. All accredited online degree programs in the liberal arts will expect for you to analyze your own work and that of your classmates. Moreover, developing and demonstrating strong critical thinking skills can be a great resume builder to prepare you for a broad range of career paths, including those not necessarily directly related to your degree plan. Therefore, individuals with online liberal arts degrees may find themselves working in schools, the entertainment industry, healthcare, and law.

Find a great Liberal Arts Degree online:

Online Creative Writing Bachelor’s Degree

While some creative writing programs are fully online, there are also others that offer short-term residencies where you will have the opportunity to meet and work with others in the program. Combining traditional writing training with cutting-edge technology, online creative writing programs provide both peer critiquing and guidance from experienced instructors.

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

As greater numbers of people realize the value of good mental health, an online psychology degree can be a terrific way to begin or build your career. Depending on your interests, there are online programs with clinical components to give you direct experience in counseling.

Online Philosophy Bachelor’s Degree

The background that you will likely gain in logical thinking and analysis as part of an online philosophy degree applies to numerous different fields. Many individuals with philosophy degrees go on to law school, while others may work in education or business.

Online History Bachelor’s Degree

From teaching to independent consulting, an online history degree can open doors to new opportunities. Pursuing an online degree can be the best way to have the flexibility to explore your unique interests in history while still gaining broad historical knowledge.

Online Art History Bachelor’s Degree

Although work in museums, galleries, and art auction houses is still the most popular choice for those who have earned an online art history degree, others with this degree may work for hotels, hospitals or as independent researchers. Depending on the online art history degree program that you choose, you may have the opportunity to travel or complete an internship.

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