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Now that you’ve gained some real world business experience, you might begin planning your long-term career goals. Earning an MBA degree is often necessary to surpass career plateaus and be assigned to the most exciting and meaningful projects in the business world. Moreover, an online MBA degree can help you develop the leadership skills necessary to successfully guide diverse teams to achieve common goals. This can be especially important as traditional borders dissolve and business becomes conducted across cultures and time zones.

However, interrupting your career in order to join a traditional MBA program may not be realistic for your career and life goals. Not all employers allow time away from work for this, and it may not be financially feasible to live without a paycheck for two years. Thus, larger numbers of students are choosing online MBA programs. These programs can provide a rigorous MBA education while offering flexibility in terms of time and geography. In addition, many accredited programs provide online students with the same internship opportunities as traditional programs.

Find your business specialty by viewing these options in online MBA education:

Online Master of Business Administration 

Find the degree that you need in a way that fits in with your life and lifestyle. Enrolling in an online MBA can be an excellent way to continue building your career while you boost your education credentials.

Online Accounting Master’s Degree

More than just keeping the books, an online Accounting Master’s Degree can help you understand the complexities that businesses face in complying with regulations and tax law. Like traditional programs, these online programs can give you the opportunity to work with big name accounting firms to gain experience.

Online MBA in Human Resources

People drive organizations, and organizations are placing a greater focus than ever on recruiting and retaining top talent. An online MBA in Human Resources can help you move up in your career to a management position within your company’s HR department.

Online MBA in Marketing

In the age of social media, promoting products means more than just selling the features and benefits. An Online MBA in Marketing is a great way to learn how to compete in saturated markets and build customer loyalty to your organization’s brand.

Online MBA in Communications

If businesses can’t get their message out to the public, then the profitability of the organization suffers. Broadening your knowledge of communication through an online MBA in Communication can position you to help organizations connect with the community.

Online MBA in Project Management

Project managers know how to get things done. Choosing an online MBA in Project Management is an effective way to help your business see projects through from beginning to completion.

Online MBA in Entrepreneurship

There are many paths for an online MBA in Entrepreneurship. You might choose a program that is specific to entrepreneurship, one that has a concentration in entrepreneurship, or even one where you earn an MBA and a separate certificate in entrepreneurship.

Online MBA in IT Management

If you are passionate about guiding organizations in realizing their short and long-term technology goals, an online MBA degree in IT Management might be right for you. An online degree program can provide you with the right combination of technical know-how and business acumen.

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