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Did you know that you can obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s in petroleum engineering all online from the comfort of your own home? Many accredited colleges offer petroleum engineering classes online to help you obtain any level of education that you need. If the earth sciences interest you, and you want to start or further a career in oil and gas, an online petroleum engineering degree might be perfect for you.

Those who major in petroleum engineering will learn how to research affordable and reliable energy production while maintaining safe practices for environmental protection. Whether producing petroleum or natural gas, you will grow to understand how to explore, recover, produce, and process natural resources from new and existing systems in an environmentally friendly way. Because this is a highly demanding career, you will need to hone your skills in environmental science, mathematics, design, physics, chemistry, and thermodynamics.

Bachelor’s degrees in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is a specialist degree within the engineering field. Typically, most online degrees are at the master’s level, so you can expect to take more credits than you would for a bachelor’s in order to become a true expert in the natural resources field. Or, if you already have a bachelor’s in engineering, you can get a master’s in the petroleum specialty to help open up your employment opportunities. After you graduate, you will be rewarded with an increasingly successful career path that can take you well into retirement.

Masters of Science in Petroleum Engineering Degrees

With the rising awareness for climate change, companies are consistently looking for candidates who are willing to undergo continual learning throughout their career. Technology and methods are always changing due to the strong need for more environmentally safe alternatives to existing oil and gas production methods. Because of this, companies are frequently adapting and recognizing the need for graduates who are driven and will further their education in order to update their skills and professional development. Petroleum companies will often pay for certain certifications and individual classes that you can take online at accredited colleges across the country while you gain experience in the field.

There are many jobs that you can land after you get your bachelor’s or master’s in petroleum engineering online, including drilling, production and reservoir engineer, geologist, safety and facility engineer, environmental specialist, petroleum accountant, oil and gas consultant, and many more. Depending on your chosen career path, you should take electives that closely coincide with your goals. Regardless of which job you want the most, getting your petroleum engineering degree online will allow you to further your education either part-time or full-time on your own schedule and at your own pace.

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