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If you’re looking directly for information to help you with your graduate school process, we’ve got that, too. Information on how you can pay for graduate school, how you should apply for graduate school, how you can find the graduate schools that are best for you, and more is all available at Peterson’s. Take a look at the following topics and see if any of them satisfy your needs.

  • Graduate Admissions – Tips on how to ace your interview for graduate school, things not to do on your applications, and more all await you in this section of Peterson’s.
  • Test Prep – We have information on the MCAT, the GMAT, the LSAT, and the GRE, all there to prepare you for any of the tests you might face on your way to graduate school.
  • Scholarships, Financial Aid, Loans, and Grants – Getting into graduate school is only part of the journey; you also have to figure out how you’re going to pay for it. Get plenty of good ideas by clicking the link.
  • Graduate School Overview – The basics of graduate school—outlined in a cavalcade of articles for your use—including a timeline to help you figure out a schedule for your graduate school plans.
  • Finding Graduate Schools – Here are the tips you need in order to get a list of graduate schools that might be right for you and to narrow down that list to the best choice or choices.