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Obtaining an online degree in physics is a great way to find a job in many different career paths. Physics majors are typically people who strive for an intellectually stimulating environment who want to learn about the fundamental elements of the universe. Since there are many options to get your physics degree online, you can take classes from your home at your own pace while you work full-time. Accredited colleges across the nation offer online classes to help you obtain an associates, and even a masters in physics.

As you get your degree you will gain a deep understanding of matter, energy, motion, and force. Depending on the electives you decide to take and the specialty you want to pursue, you may also learn about health physics, nuclear engineering, electromagnetism, space and time, thermodynamics, relativity, quantum physics, and complex mathematics. You will also learn about the theories first proposed by Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, and the history of physics.

One of the primary reasons that students major in physics is to go on to graduate school to obtain a PhD in physics in order to become a physicist or professor at a university. However, many students also go on to pursue careers in engineering, math, medicine, law, and education. Typical job sectors include nuclear and geophysics, astrophysics, elementary and high school teaching, computer science and programming, and software engineering. In order to be successful, it is best to plan on getting an advanced degree in graduate school.

The skills you gain while getting your physics degree online will be applicable to many different career fields. These include critical thinking and problem solving skills, a clear understanding of the laws of the physical world, laboratory and numeracy skills, analyzing data, communications, IT, and ethics. With a physics degree it is good to keep your options open as many students who don’t go to graduate school find work in the healthcare and oil and gas industry, as a financial analyst, survey researcher, and statistician.

Even though most people who get a degree in physics online don’t go on to become actual physicists, there are still some highly marketable skills that you will gain. Each degree program will offer you different opportunities after you graduate, so be sure to choose a college and degree program that will lead you down your desired career path.

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