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On this week’s episode

  • On this week’s episode of You Have a Cool Job, we talk to Trish Bonney, who gets to create beautiful living spaces as a career. Trish is an interior designer who has a day job as a designer at a commercial building interior design company, and a side hustle as the founder of Tab Interior Designs.
  • Trish didn’t think she could make a living as a designer when she was young, and first went into the military, and then worked as a teacher before returning to her artistic inclinations. She shares why she started her own company despite the fact that she does not always enjoy the business side of running an interior design business.
  • Trish shares her perspective on co-working, as she hired her business partner two years ago and has a strong opinion about how these relationships should work. She talks about her design process, and how she is working to make Tab Interior Designs as sustainable as possible so she can leave her day job and make her business her number one priority.

About the show

You Have a Cool Job is a podcast hosted by Taylor Sienkiewicz from Peterson’s. The show highlights professionals who have a unique, interesting, uncommon, or otherwise cool job.

Our goal is to motivate you and show how interesting, fulfilling, and anything-but-average your career can be, and we’ll do this by talking with people who took a path less traveled. We ask these fascinating individuals how they got to where they are in their career based on their education, experience, and influences; why they love their job; and lots more.

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Room by Tab Interior Designs.
Samples Trish uses when planning an interior design.