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Honors college programs are generally programs for smaller groups of students who have met some kind of specialized requirements in order to qualify for the programs in question. Some of the most academically talented and motivated students in the school can likely be found in its honors college program.

The specifics of honors college are going to vary from university to university, of course, so if you've been accepted at your college's honors program, you should inquire further there to find out the particulars. Often, though, honors programs will involve special activities and academic courses, as well as a different or specific living space.

Honors colleges and programs offer different experiences than what you might otherwise find, but that doesn't always mean that honors programs are right for you. You'll have to do some investigating and look at all the involved factors in order to determine whether or not pursuing an honors program is the right course of action for you.

Honors College and Honors Experiences: Speaking as a Parent to Parents

Here's all the information that a parent needs about honors college to talk about the subject with your kids.

By Peterson's Staff updated on January 28, 2013

A Day in the Life of an Honors College or Program Student

Here, you'll find a description of a day in the average life of an honors college student, to give you a good idea of whether or not it's right for you.

By Peterson's Staff updated on January 28, 2013

You Will Find Honors College Students Like You and Not Like You

Find information about diversity and how honors colleges and programs value it, nurture it, and make it a priority.

By Peterson's Staff updated on January 28, 2013

An Honors Program or Honors College: Does the Difference Make a Difference?

Here, you'll find information about the differences between honors colleges and honors programs, and exactly what you can expect from either.

By Peterson's Staff updated on January 28, 2013

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What Are the Characteristics of a Fully Developed Honors Program?

A rundown of all the qualities of a good, fully-developed honors program.

By Peterson's Staff updated on January 28, 2013
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