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January 15 2021
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Telios Law Sojourner Scholarship


The Telios Law Sojourner Scholarship application is open to any high school student or recent high school graduate who has spent three or more years of his or her life as a third-culture missionary kid and will be enrolled full-time for the 2018-2019 school year as a freshman or sophomore at a college or university that has an emphasis on spiritual formation in the Christian faith. For complete information, please visit A sojourner lives between cultures, and this is often the experience of a third-culture missionary kid. For MKs, a key to transitioning back "home" is figuring out how to flourish in a new culture. Behind this struggle is the desire put into pop culture terms by singer and songwriter Adele, who wrote, ÔÇ£But I want to live / And not just survive.ÔÇØ We all have a longing for what ancient Greek philosophers called eudaimonia, which roughly translates to ÔÇ£happiness, welfare, or human flourishing.ÔÇØ Telios Law believes that we as humans were made to flourish, and we want to contribute to that flourishing, not only through doing our legal work well, but by helping MKs in particular pursue their flourishing as they transition back.

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  • CheckmarkMust be an undergraduate student
  • CheckmarkMust attend a university, a four-year college or two-year college
  • CheckmarkMust study full-time

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  • Checkmark Application Form
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Contact Mr. Joshua Romero
Outreach Coordinator
Tel: 855-748-4201 Address 19925 Monument Hill Road
Monument, CO 80132