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Whether you’re just beginning your journey into higher education or applying to graduate school, you don’t need to put your life on hold to earn a degree. Accelerated degree programs provide students an avenue for earning a degree on an efficient timeline. We’ve assembled a list of ten accelerated degrees that are designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Associate Degrees 

  1. Associate of Science in Marketing – Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire’s online associate’s in marketing program lays the foundation for careers in entry-level marketing positions. Learn to analyze consumer behavior, build marketing plans, and identify marketing strategies. Courses are structured over six 8-week terms per year.

Time frame for Completion: Can be completed in as little as two years, or faster with transfer credits. Students can transfer in up to 45 credits.

Military-friendly: According to their website, “SNHU offers military benefits and discounts of up to 30% for U.S. Active Duty, National Guard and Selected Reserve and the spouses of those on active duty. We also accept Tuition Assistance (TA), Post-9/11 GI Bill® and Montgomery GI Bill® benefits, and scholarships for spouses through MyCAA programs. SNHU is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.”

  1. Associate of ArtsVillanova University

The Associate of Arts program provides students with a solid academic foundation with the option of studying 100% online for busy adult learners. Perfect for those still undecided about which major to pursue, the curriculum includes Fine Arts, Social Sciences, History and Humanities courses. Accelerated FastForward courses are offered online and on-campus over seven weeks in the fall or spring semesters. Villanova also considers accepting credit earned through CLEP exams with a qualifying score of 60 or higher.

Time frame for Completion: Varies based on transfer credits.

Military-friendly: Villanova participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, and offers tuition and funding assistance for up to 50 qualifying students.

Bachelor Degrees 

  1. Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Capella University

If you’re a working nurse, scheduling time to complete college coursework can be challenging. Capella University’s RN-to-BSN FlexPath format gives students the freedom to structure their learning at their own pace.

“With healthcare occupations projected to add more jobs than any of the other occupational groups by 2028, upskilling and continuing education for nurses is critical. Capella University offers a self-paced format called FlexPath that allows busy, working adults to set their own deadlines and move through course work at their own pace, potentially saving time and tuition dollars. Successful FlexPath students are self-motivated and want more flexibility than what a traditional, more structured program offers. This model at Capella makes a lot of sense for healthcare professionals looking to advance their careers with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN),”says Betty Nelson, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. 

Time frame to Completion: Can be completed in as few as nine months, depending on transfer credits.

Military-Friendly: Capella offers military tuition discounts, financing coaches, and enrollment counselors to help ensure you maximize your military benefits.

  1. Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) Western New England University

Already have an associate’s degree? Get credit for the work you’ve already completed by transferring as few as 30 credits or as many as 90 undergraduate credits toward your bachelor’s degree. The BBA degree teaches the fundamentals of business, including organizational behavior, and introductions to accounting and marketing. 

Time frame for Completion: The online BBA program can be completed on a part-time basis in a little as two years. Accelerated courses are offered during summer semesters. 

Military-Friendly: According to their website, “Western New England University is proud to support the GI Bill® and the Yellow Ribbon Program. Most students enrolling under the Yellow Ribbon Program will be able to attend Western New England University tuition free. Spouses and family members of veterans may also be eligible to receive education assistance.”

  1. Bachelor of Science in Criminal JusticePurdue University Global

Whether you’re beginning your career in an entry-level public safety position or advancing up the chain of command, Purdue University Global’s Criminal Justice degree programs can help provide you with the training you need to succeed. Purdue’s ExcelTrack format caters to working adults, offering transfer credit for prior experience and the option to take as many 1-credit courses as you want during a term for one flat fee.

“Purdue Global’s ExcelTrack is designed to give students academic credit for what they already know from their professional experience and corporate or military training, while affording them the opportunity to proceed through their course work at a pace that suits them. They can go as quickly as their previous knowledge and time availability allows, with a self-directed, faculty-guided learning experience. Accordingly, students can earn their degree faster and for less,” says Betty Vandenbosch, Chancellor, Purdue University Global.

Time frame for Completion: BS in Criminal Justice can be completed in a little as two years, depending on transfer credits.

Military-Friendly: Aside from military tuition discounts, Purdue will evaluate military experience for credit to use toward your degree. Purdue also accepts credit from CLEP and DSST exams.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education – Western Governors University

Prepare for elementary teacher licensure in all 50 states by studying pedagogy, classroom management, and diversity at WGU. Low-cost tuition and online classes make this program ideal for adult-learners balancing family and professional obligations. WGU utilizes “competency-based education,” which measures learning outcomes over class attendance. This format allows students to progress through the program at their own pace.

Time frame for Completion: 60% of graduates complete the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education program within 36 months.

Military-Friendly – WGU offers part-time options for active duty military members and discounted tuition benefits. 

Dual Degree Programs 

  1. Biomedical Engineering Accelerated Master’s ProgramMichigan Technical University

Earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering in as few as 10 semesters. The accelerated program does not require GRE scores, but does require a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students accepted to the accelerated master’s program will be prepared for mid-level positions upon graduating.

Time frame for Completion: Five years. Bachelor’s degree can be completed in four years, and the addition of the master’s degree for two semesters of study.

Military-Friendly: According to Michigan Tech’s website, “The Graduate School will offer National Service Graduate Fellowships to students who have previously provided service to the United States of America. Eligible graduate students will receive a fellowship that will reduce their tuition rate.”

  1. Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media ProgramBecker College

Interested in learning more about the evolving field of game design? Students enrolled in the accelerated BA/MFA in Interactive Media will learn about game development and programming, game audio, and game production and management.

Time frame for Completion: Five years. Bachelor’s degree is completed after a student passes three yearly portfolio reviews and transitions to a “bridge year” while progressing into the MFA program.

Military-Friendly: Becker College will assist veterans and eligible dependents with filling out their applications for Veteran Education Benefits.

Graduate Degree

  1. Master of Finance, CSU Global 

Invest in your future with a graduate degree in finance. Core courses include Bank Management, Investments, and Corporate Finance. CSU Global uses an accelerated 8-week trimester course format, allowing students to complete program requirements at their own pace. 

Time frame for Completion: Varies based on the pacing of students. Program requires between 36 and 39 credits depending on undergraduate GPA.

Military-Friendly: CSU Global offers discounted tuition and 100% online programs for military service members and families.

Professional Certificate

  1. Certificate in Human Resource ManagementConcordia University Chicago

Obtaining a professional certificate could be used to complete a career pivot without committing to a full-fledged degree program. Students interested in pursuing human resource management require skills in group dynamics and employment law. The flexible scheduling and requirement of 15 credit hours allows professionals to complete the program quickly without sacrificing quality.

Time frame for Completion: 100% online delivery method and five-week courses allow students to complete the certificate in as little as one semester.

Military-Friendly: Concordia offers military tuition assistance for active duty and veteran service members, in addition to participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program