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Student athletes can receive a number of financial benefits in college, such as athletic and academic scholarships, financial aid programs from the NCAA, and federal pell grants. Here are 10 scholarships to help student athletes fund their education and cross the finish line toward earning their degree.

  1. CIF Scholar-Athlete of the Year
    This scholarship is designed for college-bound high school seniors whose academic and athletic careers have been truly exemplary and whose integrity, honesty, and accomplishments are a positive model for others. Applicants must have demonstrated athletic ability in at least two years of varsity play and must have participated or planned to participate in athletics as a senior.
    Amount awarded: $5,000
  2. Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program
    This program honors student athletes who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and strong leadership skills in sports, their schools, and within their communities. Applicants must be currently involved in high school sports, intramural sports, or community-based sports.
    Amount awarded: $20,000
  3. Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Scholarship
    This scholarship awards $10,000 to 13 ethnic minorities and 13 female college graduates and is available annually to college graduates who will be entering into the first year of their initial postgraduate studies. Applicants must be seeking admission or have been accepted into a sports administration or related program that will assist in obtaining a career in intercollegiate athletics (athletics administrator, coach, athletic trainer or other career that provides a direct service to intercollegiate athletics) at an academically accredited NCAA member institution.
    Amount awarded: $10,000
  4. NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
    Students must be nominated in the academic year in which they complete their final season of eligibility for intercollegiate athletics under NCAA legislation. Applicants must have excelled academically and athletically and intend to continue academic work as a graduate student at an academically accredited graduate or professional school.
    Amount awarded: $10,000
  5. Hy Zolet Student Athlete Scholarship
    Applicants must be a high school student athlete and submit at least two letters verifying your participation in high school athletics and evidence that you possess a good work ethic, fairness and courage, and outstanding leadership and athletic skills.
    Amount awarded: $1,000
  6. Athletic Equipment Managers Association College Scholarships
    This college scholarship program assists students with the many expenses of a college education. Applicants must be full-time college students with one year collegiate athletic equipment management experience and display an interest in the field of athletic equipment management.
    Amount awarded: $500+
  7. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research and Education Foundation Scholarship Program
    Applicants must be an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate student enrolled in a CAATE accredited program at a university or a four-year college with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
    Amount awarded: $2,300
  8. The $2,500 SportsHi College Scholarship Sponsored by Santia Deck
    This scholarship is designed to help high school student athletes achieve their goals, whether they plan on continuing athletics in college or not.  All high school students who have played at least one sport are welcome to apply. 
    Amount awarded: $2,500
  9. Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship
    Scholarships of $500-$2,000 (depending on location) will be awarded to high school athletes based on their responses to questions pertaining to how they meet the standard defined in Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by PCA Founder Jim Thompson. Eligibility extends to any high school junior residing anywhere in the U.S. and playing for a high school team or in club sports.
    Amount awarded: $1,000
  10. Arthur E. and Helen Copeland Scholarships
    The Arthur E. and Helen Copeland Scholarships are awarded annually to one male (Arthur E. Copeland Scholarship) and one female (Helen Copeland Scholarship) in the amount of $500 each. Applicants must be an undergraduate student with visual disabilities attending a university, four-year college, two-year college, or a vocational-tech school.
    Amount awarded: $500

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