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AP testing: General tips for a high AP score

  • Know the difference between a guess and an educated guess
    You won’t lose any points on the multiple-choice portion of your exam if you skip questions, but there will be a deduction for every question you answer wrong. A little AP help: if you can eliminate a few of the choices, try taking an educated guess.
  • Relax the night before the test
    Don’t cram. You are being tested on knowledge that you have accumulated over the course of the year, in your AP course. Studying at the last minute will only stress you out. Go to a movie or hang out with a friend – anything to get your mind off of the test!

AP testing: Test specific tips

  • Essays
    Only write as much as you have to say. There is no required length for the essays or short-answer questions in AP testing. The readers who score your exam are looking at whether you’ve developed a well-reasoned argument and whether you’ve presented it in an organized and coherent manner.

AP prep can have a dramatic positive effect on you AP score. AP prep can provide you with tips and strategies for scoring well, and can also help you determine your weaknesses and improve them.