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Some students or test takers struggle to learn and retain information through traditional textbook methods and lecture halls. But learning doesn’t need to be limited to old conventional ways. If you find you struggle retaining information through traditional textbook or classroom methods, try incorporating interactive learning into your study sessions. Interactive materials can give you the flexibility and opportunity to learn in engaging ways and increase your focus.

Increased Engagement = Increased Performance

We live in a very busy world full of distractions. When your study sessions are more fun and hands-on, your focus and attention will be more on the content and study materials in front of you rather than on outside distractions. Your likelihood of retaining more information increases when you’re actively engaged in your studying. 

Increased Engagement = Increased Confidence

Going into test day with confidence is big. Learning through interactive materials will help improve your weaknesses which in turn will help build that confidence. 

Increased Engagement = Increased Motivation

It can be difficult showing up to your daily study sessions – especially if you find them to be boring. With interactive materials, your study sessions can turn into an experience of motivation, and, depending on the type of interactive method you use, it can even become a fun competition with yourself or your study buddies.

Increased Engagement = Increased Variety

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, learning isn’t a “one size fits all” type of thing. There are countless interactive study and learning methods that you can practice if you want variety built into your study routine. Below are a few examples of Interactive study materials and methods:

  • Interactive Demonstrations and Videos
    Today, video is the king of engagement. You can be in control of your learning whenever and wherever by including interactive videos into your test prep. Interactive videos and demonstrations are packed with educational information while giving you an immersive and entertaining experience. Many of our test prep subscriptions include interactive videos for you to learn content and materials. Or, you can visit our YouTube channel for more learning videos.
  • Pop Quizzes
    Pop quizzes can be a great way to identify your strengths and weaknesses through feedback. These can quickly turn into fun daily challenges of improvement and growth.
  • Micro-learning Study Sessions
    Micro-learning can be fun, short burst learning sessions that help you boost memorization and increase healthy study habits. This is a great method for people to get their daily studying in if they are constantly on-the-go or have busy schedules.
  • Digital and Physical Flashcards
    Although flashcards are a classic method for studying, they support active recall. Active recall is the method of actively retrieving information from your memory. Repeating active recall over and over will maximize content retention. Our subscribers love the digital flashcards included in many of our online test prep courses.
  • Group Discussion
    Active discussions with your classroom or study group is a great way to focus your attention on the topic and learn. It’s also a fantastic way to build social skills which will help you build self esteem.

    If you’re bored in the classroom or struggling to retain information from your text book, we encourage you to incorporate interactive materials into your daily study routine. Peterson’s test prep courses are packed with interactive tools like videos, pop quizzes, and flashcards.