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Indian college students looking to come to one of the colleges of the U.S.A. have plenty of work ahead of them. Taking all the necessary tests, gathering information about colleges and universities, sending out applications, setting up the appropriate documentation, learning a foreign language well enough to use it on a daily basis, and perhaps most of all, becoming comfortable with a culture entirely unlike their own…

All these things add up to make the hurdles seem high. But the situation is much better than it seems; not only can any hopeful Indian student abroad overcome these difficulties with some effort, but the end payoff will be absolutely worth it.

Indian College Students Planning for Study in the U.S.A.

As a hopeful Indian student abroad, there are some clear cut gates you’ll have to pass through on your way to attendance to a U.S.A. college. Even just to submit applications, you’ll already have had to take the SAT, the TOEFL, and maybe the ACT. But you don’t have to worry; assembled here, for your benefit, are a number of articles designed to help provide some useful information for you in this process. Read through them for advice to prepare you for studying in the U.S. as an Indian student abroad. You’ll find assistance on the SAT in India, information concerning USA student visa requirements, and resources to find international student scholarships.