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About the CLEP test

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers you an opportunity to show a college admission officer or a prospective employer what you know in a variety of subject areas. Many college admission officers use CLEP test scores to determine where to place college applicants in their traditional four-year programs. Students can earn from 3 to 12 credits toward a college degree for each CLEP exam, depending on the individual exam and the policy of the degree-granting college or university.

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CLEP study at your own pace

Because exams are offered periodically throughout the year, you can prepare for the exams at your own pace. You can set a test date depending upon your schedule and the schedule of your local CLEP testing center. You may contact the College Board for more information about how to set a test date. Be sure to make use of CLEP prep opportunities before you take the exam.

Where to take the CLEP

CLEP college credit exams are administered at test centers located on college campuses around the country. Contact the College Board for specific information about a test center in your area.

CLEP scores

CLEP exams are scored on a scale of 20 to 80. With the exception of exams including essays, you should receive your scores immediately, at the testing center. Each school sets its own minimum standards for granting CLEP credit. Check with your school to learn if you qualify.