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A CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certificate is one of the most respected certifications you can obtain within the cybersecurity field. Earning the certification will demonstrate that you clearly understand what it takes to design, implement, and manage cybersecurity programs. It also shows that you have at least 5 years of professional experience within a cybersecurity role. These roles may include: Director of Security, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Security Manager, IT Director/Manager, Security Systems Engineer, Security Analyst, Security Auditor, Security Architect, Security Consultant, or Network Architect.

In addition to being respected within the cybersecurity world, you’ll reap these benefits with a CISSP Certificate: 

1. Increased Earning Potential

A CISSP certification has helped several cybersecurity professionals enhance their careers AND their annual salaries. The (ISCreleased, based on collected data , that the average global salary among cybersecurity professionals with a CISSP certification is $92,639. And, in North America,  the average cybersecurity salary with a CISSP certification  is $120,552! 

2. Expanded Career Development

With a CISSP certification, you’ll be able to pursue even more specialized certifications to broaden your career path further. Depending on the field you choose, a few additional certifications include: CCISO, CISM, and CISA.

3. High In-Demand Potential

With increased security breaches over the last few years, the search for well-qualified security analysts is at an all-time high. A CISSP certification qualifies you for more positions and will help set you apart from other candidates, giving you more freedom to choose the type of cybersecurity job you want in the location of your choice.

The benefits of a CISSP Certificate can set you up for a successful and prosperous career, but it’s important that you go into your CISSP exam with confidence. The test is $799 each time you take it and is designed to be challenging. To become certified, you’ll need a passing score of 700/1000 or higher. However, with previous experience and proper test prep, passing the certification is possible, allowing you to secure your dream career in the cybersecurity field. Check out how Peterson’s CISSP prep can help you best prepare for  your CISSP certification exams.