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September marks Civil Service Month – the celebration and acknowledgment of the dedication government and civil service employees contribute to the development and function of the United States.

With thousands of jobs within the civil service sector, you can pursue a career path that aligns with your goals, interests, and skills. Here are 10 civil service careers and the primary duties and average pay that goes along with them:

Budget Analyst
2022 Median Pay: $82,260
Primary Responsibilities: As a budget analyst, you’ll assist public and private organizations plan their finances and ensure funds are budgeted and allocated properly; prepare reports and evaluate budget proposals; and analyze data to determine costs and benefits.

Social Worker
2022 Median Pay: $55,350
Primary Responsibilities: A career in social work can be very rewarding. As a social worker, you’ll identify individuals, families, and communities in need of support and help them cope with everyday problems. You’ll assess client needs and monitor situations; provide research and references on how to improve their well-being; be an advocate for community resources; respond to crisis situations; and maintain files and records.

If you want to become a social worker, you’ll need to pass the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Examination. Ample study time- we recommend 2-3 months-to study and prepare for the ASWB will be greatly beneficial to your success. With Peterson’s ASWB exam prep resources, you can pace yourself during those couple of months while study for your ASWB exam.

2022 Median Pay: $51,680
Primary Responsibilities: Firefighters respond to life, property, and environmental emergencies; execute rescues; and prevent, control, and extinguish fires. They are a critical component to keep people and communities safe.

Anyone wanting to pursue a career as a firefighter must pass the Firefighter exam. By utilizing Peterson’s Firefighter Exam prep, you can pass your Firefighter exam with ease.

Interpreter or Translator
2022 Median Pay: $53,640
Primary Responsibilities: As an Interpreter or Translator, you’ll convert information from one language to another. It’s important to know that Translators and Interpreters possess different skills. Translators convert written communications from one language into another and Interpreters work with spoken communication between languages. 

Postal Worker
2022 Median Pay: $53,680
Primary Responsibilities: Postal Service employees collect, sort, and distribute mail; assist customers; complete administrative tasks; collect payments; and sell postal supplies.

Depending on the type of position you apply for, you’ll be required to take and pass a US Postal Exam. To set yourself apart from other candidates, you’ll want to score high on the US Postal Exam you take. One of the best ways to achieve a high score is by taking a US Postal Exam practice test. Peterson’s test prep includes four US Postal Exam practice tests that will help you earn that higher score.

Civil Engineer
2022 Median Pay: $89,940
Primary Responsibilities: Civil Engineers plan, design, develop, and manage the construction and maintenance of building and infrastructure projects such as roads, airports, bridges, power plants; or water and sewer systems.

Police Officer
2022 Median Pay: $69,160
Primary Responsibilities: Police officers enforce the law to protect lives and property. Depending on the jurisdiction you work in, duties may vary but common primary responsibilities include: responding to emergency and non-emergency calls; performing traffic stops and issuing citations; collecting and securing evidence found at crime scenes; arresting suspects of crimes; obtaining and serving warrants; searching databases for records; writing detailed reports; and patrolling areas.

All candidates for police officer positions at the state, local, and federal levels are required to take some version of the Police Officer Exam. In order to pass the Police Officer exam and achieve a high score, we recommend preparing for a minimum of six weeks. Peterson’s Police Officer Exam prep helps you become familiar with test content through full-length Police Officer practice tests, detailed illustrations, graphs, and diagrams; and explanations and feedback to answered questions.

Air Traffic Controller
2022 Median Pay: $132,250
Primary Responsibilities: Air traffic controllers have a very critical role in air transportation and safety: they coordinate the traffic and movement of aircrafts on the ground and in the air in order to maintain safe distances between them. They do this by monitoring and directing traffic in the air and on the ground; issuing takeoff and landing instructions; informing pilots of critical information; and alerting airport response staff in an event of an emergency.

Border Patrol Agent
2022 Median Pay: $70,752
Primary Responsibilities: Border Patrol Agents guard and protect the United State’s borders by arresting suspects taking part in illegal activity, conducting traffic stops, observing checkpoints, and writing reports. 

Becoming a Border Patrol Agent is a rigorous process. To begin, you must pass the Border Patrol Entrance Exam. Do not go into your entrance exam unprepared! Take advantage of all available resources and materials, including Peterson’s Border Patrol Entrance Exam test prep, to help you become a strong candidate for a Border Patrol Agent.

Registered Nurse
2022 Median Pay: $81,220
Primary Responsibilities: As a Registered Nurse, you’ll have the rewarding career of providing care to patients by assessing their conditions, recording their medical histories and symptoms, administering medications and treatments, educating them how to manage their illnesses and injuries, performing diagnostic testing and analyzing results, and collaborating with other doctors and healthcare professionals.

All Registered Nurses must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Since Registered Nurses must provide safe and effective care for others, the NCLEX RN exam is designed to be very challenging. But with proper NCLEX RN study time and test prep, most students are able to pass the exam.

A civil service career can be a very rewarding profession. In order to gain employment, most civil service positions will require you to pass the civil service exam. Peterson’s Civil Service Exam test prep will help you prepare and go into the Civil Service Exam with confidence.