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General tips and strategies about the GED® test

Relax the night before the test
Don’t cram. Studying at the last minute will only stress you out. Go to a movie or hang out with a friend—anything to get your mind off of the test! Instead of cramming, begin your GED test prep early. Visit the GED Testing Service site on the Web to learn more about the test, find out where your local testing center is located, and check out the sample questions posted there. Once you have a better understanding of the GED test and its requirements, you can better target your GED test prep so it does the most for you.

There is more to GED Testing Centers then meets the eye
You should talk to your local official testing center about their specific address and business hours. You might find that your nearest test center administers their tests at a location different from the address on the Web site—or that they operate additional test sites that are closer to you but not indicated on the Web site.

You should also talk to your local testing center about their hours of operation. Some testing centers are open beyond normal business hours and are available during evening hours and on weekends.

There are numerous military and international testing sites available to students.

The GED test program offers testing accommodations
GED test-takers with a diagnosed Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder, emotional/mental health disability, learning disability, or physical/chronic health disability can request accommodations. Additional information and request forms for accommodations are available on the Web at the GED Testing Service site.

There are different versions of the test
The Social Studies test is administered in U.S. and  Canadian versions. Braille, audio-cassette, and large-print versions of the GED test are available. The GED test is given in English, French, and Spanish versions. There is not an official online version of the GED test.

Regarding your GED test scores
The GED test program is administered by numerous “jurisdictions” around the globe. For example, there are four geographical jurisdictions in the U.S. and seven in Canada. There may be slight variations in test requirements from one jurisdiction to the next. Part of your test preparation should be checking with your jurisdiction to find out which requirements apply to your situation.

Your score report will tell you how you did in each subject area and overall, relative to recently graduating high school seniors. The scoring formula makes provision for a higher score in one subject area to partly “compensate” for a lower score in another area, resulting in a higher overall score. But in the end, your GED test scores will be summed up by a box in either the Pass or Non-pass box on the score report.

Specific tips and strategies for the GED test

Don’t answer any question before you read it
Read every question carefully before attempting to answer it. If you don’t understand what is required, ask the proctor for help.

Answer every question on each of the tests
Leave no question unanswered. You won’t be penalized for wrong answers, so even if you don’t have the vaguest notion of what the answer should be, take a guess. You have a 20 percent chance of being right, and there’s nothing to lose if you’re wrong.

Think ahead while you are taking the tests
Ask yourself questions as you read the passages on the GED test. Try to predict what the author will say; you’ll focus your attention more keenly and read more actively.

For the Mathematics test
If you want to use it, you will be given a Casio fx-260 calculator to use for Part 1 on the Mathematics test. A calculator cannot be used for Part 2. If you are going to use a calculator, you should make sure your GED test prep includes the opportunity to become familiar with this calculator’s operation.

Some of your answers on the Mathematics test will be recorded on either standard or coordinate plane grids.

A math formulas page will be provided for your reference during the Mathematics test.

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