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If you’re considering a career in IT, getting a CompTIA A+ Certification is one of the first steps you’ll want to take. Most technical and IT operational roles prefer a CompTIA A+ certification as it proves you know IT and security fundamentals and are capable of resolving common issues. 

In order to become certified, you’ll need to pass two CompTIA A+ Core exams. Each core exam costs $246, so it’s important to prepare for test day so you can pass on your first try. The hard work will pay off though because there are several benefits to having a CompTIA A+ certificate. A few of the benefits include:

IT Career Growth
The demand for skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals increases as more and more new IT jobs are being created each day. Obtaining a CompTIA A+ certification can get you in the door of some of the best companies in the world. A CompTIA A+ certificate can also secure promotions and higher paid jobs as you gain experience and continue to receive additional certifications.

With technology ever-changing and growing, IT positions are some of the best paying jobs you can find. A CompTIA A+ certification could be your ticket to meeting your future income goals.

IT positions allow you to work from anywhere in the world. With a CompTIA A+ certification, you’ll have more opportunities which will give you more freedom to choose not only the job you want, but also where you want to work. 

Job Retention
When you show an employer that you have a CompTIA A+ certificate, you are showing them that you are dedicated to growing your career and committed to improving your skills. The proven dedication can go a long way in securing your job.

As you can see, the rewards for getting a CompTIA A+ certificate pays off. With experience and proper test prep, you can secure your career in the IT field by becoming certified. Check out how Peterson’s CompTIA A+ test prep can help you get ready and go into your CompTIA A+ certification exams with confidence while saving you money.