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There is good news for those who may have been experiencing issues finding a testing center to take your CLEP exam amid the pandemic. CLEP test takers now have the option to take their CLEP exam at home. CLEP exams aren’t changing and will include the same format, content, timed conditions, and on-screen experience as exams taken at a testing center. What is different is that your at-home exams will be monitored by a human proctor who will verify the identity of the online test taker.

“This is a huge relief for many students who have waited to sit for an exam, only to find that test centers across the country are closed,” said Elizabeth Barry, Director of Marketing at Peterson’s. “While there is an additional expense for remote proctoring, passing a CLEP test and consequently receiving college credit remains a huge benefit to students.”

At Home Test-Taking Eligibility and Requirements

If you would like to take your CLEP exam at home, there are a few requirements you must meet:

Registering for the Exam

Before registering for your at-home CLEP exam, ensure that your equipment meets all requirements. You will need to create an account on College Board’s CLEP website. During registration, you can select the at home remote proctoring option and agree to the requirements. There is a $30 remote proctoring fee to choose this option. Your registration will be complete after you receive an email from CLEP and schedule your exam with Proctortrack.

For more information about the CLEP at home option, check out College Board’s CLEP website

Preparing for the Exam

If you’re studying for an upcoming CLEP exam, Peterson’s is here to help! Our CLEP test prep includes three practice tests for each exam, and some CLEP exam test prep includes additional resources such as instructional videos, flashcards, and interactive lessons. Learn more and get started today