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Peterson's is passionate about your education. When you need information about the school you're considering attending, help with preparing your student loans, researching universities, or just want information on what college life is like, Peterson's is your final stop.

With 50 years of experience showing people just like you how to get the most out of their education, you know you're getting the best knowledge from experts. Success is largely a matter of teaching yourself, and we know how to get you started, whether you're a parent, student, former service member, or educator.


Your child is the light of your life, and you worry about their scholastic success. Peterson's is here to provide the best material and give you the knowledge and power to help them flourish. We provide information for you to help out on choosing a college for undergraduate or graduate school, as well as comprehensive content on student loans, online schools, art schools, and more. With Peterson's you know you're getting the best and most up-to-date information, making us your go-to destination for content that you need, when you need it.


Whether you're looking for information on finding the right university for you or how to prepare for advanced tests like the GRE, Peterson's provides the facts and info you'll need to make an informed decision. We know it's an often overwhelming experience, but relax – we've got your back.

Educators and Administrators

High school teachers, college administrators, and marketers all need the right knowledge to make their classes go smoothly, or to find the right students for their college. We provide information that will help you do all this and more, connecting you with your students and helping you reach your enrollment goals.

Service Members

The GI Bill helps provide former service members just like you with a means to gain an education, but it can be overwhelming, whether choosing which school to attend or what paperwork you need when. Peterson's gives you the confidence you need to make these decisions and others that will make a positive impact on your future. Get started now and get the education you deserve.

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  • Tools to put you in control of your education – choose Peterson's.
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  • Content that's not only comprehensive, but reliable – choose Peterson's.
  • Take control of your education – choose Peterson's.