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Purdue University School of Languages and Cultures

West Lafayette, IN


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School of Languages and Cultures at Purdue University. Choose among 15 languages.

The School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) at Purdue University promotes international understanding, intercultural communicative competence, and provides rigorous world language education. Aware of the challenges of an increasingly global world, the school’s  undergraduate offerings include nine majors; eleven minors; courses in 15 languages; together with courses in civilization, culture, film, linguistics, and literature. The numerous extracurricular activities, such as language clubs, honor societies, conversation hours, and cultural events, help to enhance students’ experiences in learning other languages and cultures.

Languages for the Profession, Study Abroad Programs, and Internships.

The School offers language classes for business and engineering and other specialized professional purposes. Translation classes are also offered for  some languages. The study abroad opportunities allow students to strengthen their language skills while immersing themselves in other cultures. Internships  improve students ‘language skills and enable them  to gain valuable work experience while contributing to businesses, organizations, and communities throughout the world. Here are other ways student can be involded with experiential learning:

  • Study Abroad: The  study abroad opportunities allow students to strengthen valuable foreign language skills while immersing themselves in other cultures.
  • Service Learning Programs: These programs actively address language development, community health, and civic engagement within community. But they also create hands-on outlets for Purdue students to apply and advance real-world skills, gain invaluable volunteer experience, and acquire cultural empathy (Aprendiendo a Leer, Ayuda y Aprende, etc.)
  • Directed Tutoring: It is a guided practicum in tutoring peers in Spanish providing students with valuable experience for their CV.

Degree in Three

Students can get the same degree faster and even more affordably", with Degree in 3 students could reduce cost of attendance ($9,000-$19,000), enter workforce sooner, get a step ahead of their peers on the road to success, and accelerate your earning power.

Multiples Accelerated language classes combining two semesters in one:

  • French: 105,205
  • German: 105  205
  • Greek 105
  • Italian: 105, 205
  • Portuguese: 105,
  • Spanish: 105, 205


The new Degree + program enables students to complete two degrees at the same time, with no extra cost. This unique opportunity is ideal for STEM students who are interested in language study.  Purdue students from the College of Health Human Sciences, Polytechnic Institute, and the College of Science have joined the Degree+ program. Graduating with two degrees increases your job prospects and salary. Any student outside of the College of Liberal Art is eligible for the program.

Professions Specialized Language Courses:

Languages for Specific Purposes: The School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) offers more than a dozen language courses in the area of Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP). These courses address the needs of language students in specialized professional fields and focus on business, science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, and translation and interpreting.


The School of Languages and Cultures provides courses in the following languages:

- American Sign Language (ASL

- Arabic

- Chinese

- French

- German

- Ancient Greek

- Hebrew (Biblical and Modern)

- Italian

- Japanese


- Latin

- Portuguese

- Russian

- Spanish

It also offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs that include 120 credits of liberal arts core courses, major courses, and elective courses. Academic advisers meet with students regularly to help them with academic planning, course selection, and career development.

Language Majors

BA in French

The BA in French provides a full range of courses in film, languages, linguistics, literature, and second language acquisition. Specialized courses are offered in Business French and two French minors are available, either in Business French or in French Culture. Also, both francophone cultural topics and French conversation courses are available.

BA in German

The BA in German includes German core language courses as well as German cinema, literature, civilization, and conversation courses. Specialized course are offered in Business German and German for Science and Engineering, and students may earn a Certificate of Achievement in German for Professional Purposes.

BA in Japanese

The BA in Japanese provides in-depth understanding of Japanese languages, linguistics, and literature. The Japanese department also has opportunities to enrich cultural understanding and language development through weekly CHAT-noMA sessions, study abroad, and through the well-known JET Program.

BA in Russian

The BA in Russian includes coursework in Russian civilization, culture, film, and literature, as well as conversation courses. A specialized course is offered in Business Russian regarding commercial transactions and business materials. Opportunities to develop cultural and language competency arise through formal and informal social gatherings.

BA in Spanish

The BA in Spanish offers a variety of courses in the literature and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as specialized courses such as Business Spanish, Spanish for the Health Professions, and Spanish Translation and Interpretation.

Interdisciplinary Majors in Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Classical Studies, and Italian Studies

BA in Asian Studies

The BA in Asian Studies focuses on China, Japan, Korea, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. It combines the study of Chinese or Japanese with courses taught in English in fields such as art history, history, literature, philosophy, political science, and sociology. The BA in Chinese Studies includes courses in Chinese language, culture, film studies, history, literature, and religion. It provides students with general literacy and appreciation of the variety and richness of both modern and traditional Chinese studies.

BA in Italian Studies

The BA in Italian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses from the Department of History, the School of Languages and Cultures, and the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance. Its curriculum includes courses in culture, film, literature, and language (levels I to VI). The BA in Classical Studies provides understanding about the worlds of the ancient Greeks and Romans. It teaches the languages and literature, history and philosophy, and archaeology and art of these ancient cultures.

Language Minors

A minor from SLC can serve students with specific career goals and especially those wishing to enhance their career prospects in the global workplace. Students can choose from Arabic, Asian Studies, Business French, Islamic Studies, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish for the Professions. Students can also decide to minor in Chinese, Classical studies, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

Faculty Members

SLC faculty members are excellent teachers and accomplished scholars who examine a diverse range of issues and topics. They have received prestigious awards for their teaching and international acclaim for their research. They present their research in highly competitive national and international conferences and publish in well-known journals. They edit prominent publications and help advance the study of languages.

Career Opportunities

According to the Business Insider, world language majors are some of the most profitable ones, including French, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian. SLC provides students with the necessary skills to excel in their professional development.  as they acquire the liberal arts skills and cultural awareness to traverse physical and cultural boundaries to help create a global community.

From the Business Insider, career opportunities for SLC students include publishing, copy-editor, proofreader, marketing manager, writer, communications director, library assistant, subtitler or transcriber, research analyst, translator or interpreter, global marketing specialist.speech and language therapist, and teaching assistant.

Purdue University

Purdue University, one of the foremost public research institutions in the country, is committed to student success, affordable education, and scientific discovery. It emphasizes faculty-student interaction and creative use of technology. It supports faculty and students in pursuing scientific discoveries and developing innovative solutions. Purdue has also frozen tuition and many of its fees at the 2012-2013 levels.

The university maintains a welcoming and inclusive community rich in resources including art galleries, athletics, cultural centers, diversity programs, Greek life, lecture series, performing arts, student organizations, and theatres.

It is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, which is situated between Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana. It's also within walking distance from Lafayette. Together, these cities provide a variety of amenities including agritourism, arts and culture, festivals, nightlife, outdoor recreation, and shopping.

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Address 640 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN  47907-2039
United States


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